Fashion trends to wear by in 2024

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It’s the time of the year to rock and roll in vibrant colours and put on the best attire in the summers. With summers knocking at the door, the best of the fashion style for this time of the year has been unveiled. Say goodbye to the last year’s fashion trends and adorn the latest fashion trend of 2020. Check out the following list of fashion trends to ace the fashion game. 

Love for Denim Skirts

The Max and mini denim for the bottom wear is the top trending fashion wear for this summer. Adorning a light shaded shirt with denim skirt will turn around heads. While summer calls for a minimal makeup look, you may always put on your shades and carry the denim look without going overboard. This summer try floor-length denim option while pairing it with boots to add a twist. 

Gorgeous Buttercup Yellow

Yellow is the new black. You will witness people wearing yellow more often this summer. To stand out of the crowd, embrace the buttercup yellow in any form like as a blazer, trousers or dress. This light shade colour will make you look subtle, simple yet classy. Pairing a buttercup yellow crop top, shirt or t-shirt with deeply shaded pants impart a great taste of fashion among people surrounding you. Make sure to keep the hairdo as simple as possible to let the colour spill its charm.

Pleats Please!

How often do you hear about pleats now? Maybe not at all but, you can make the change by wearing a trend-setting pleats top. It won’t just help to update your wardrobe but would also help to enhance your fashion statement among your friends and family members. Look out the pleats skirt or top to make people mesmerized with your look. Pleats can turn you from sweet simple lady to a badass woman. Not the wicked one though! 

Puff Sleeves

The old statement gets repeated, though it makes a come back with a twist. Embracing the right kind of attitude and adorning the puff sleeves will make-believe in you. The style and the fashion statement holds power to influence people with your subtle words. It imparts a classy yet sassy look. A puff sleeves dress paired with boots and a handbag will definitely help to ace the fashion game. If you are looking for such varieties, then, check out some trendy pieces available at

Polka Dots

This is another style statement which has been extended from the 90s. Tops or blouse with polka dots upgrades your fashion statement and hugs you right in shape. When paired with jeans and sandals, it will leave behind an impressive style statement on others. The lingerie industry also knows what you’ve been looking for hence, they have also come up with lingeries of different styles and prints of polka dots. 

Funky Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are an easy-peasy option to wear out for any occasion. Be it a birthday party or a casual day out friends, jumpsuits are easy and comfortable. Slip into your jumpsuits with a few accessories and a sandal or a heel and you are ready to go. 

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