False Ceiling Designs

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Looking for a great way to spruce up your ceilings? Or are you just sick of staring at cables and wires when you look up? If you are looking for solutions to any of these or just want a more extravagant ceiling, you can get false ceilings on your room that will impress your visitors like no other. False ceilings come in many varieties and can make a huge difference in the impact of your room. If you have enough in your budget or have been wanting to make your room look dramatic and impressive without moving furniture, you should consider some of these ceiling designs.

What exactly is a false ceiling that I speak of? A false ceiling is simply a supported ceiling below your regular ceiling. With that in mind, you can get a false ceiling to do all sorts of optical tricks. You can nestle different false ceilings to create a layered look in your ceilings and you can add different lights to different nooks for maximum drama. It can also make your room look taller depending on how you use it

What types of these fake ceilings are there? There are three main types of these ceilings: gypsum, metal, and plaster of paris. Gypsum ceilings have been the choicest selection because of their light weight, flexible, and even fire resistant properties. These panels can be square or tapered and you can fill in the gaps between the panels. You can get a gypsum ceiling up by nailing board panels up and are flexible, strong, and fire resistant. Metal ceilings are favored by interiors that demand a minimalistic and clean look and are perfect for places with heavy machinery or industrial sized rooms. Lastly, plaster of paris is great for these ceilings since they harden instantly and can be stuck on fiber board then suspended from the ceiling. These are great for their smooth and uniform appearance.

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