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There are plenty of examples where people have factory reset their Android smartphones. They often do this when their memory is full, when the device slows down due to a large number of applications, when the phone has problems with malware, or when people sell it or give it to someone.

The factory reset process is designed in such a way that during reset the user deletes all data and settings from each phone and returns the phone to its original state when it leaves the factory. Existence of the term “orbi reset“.

How to perform a factory reset?

To reset, you need to go to the settings section of your Android smartphone. From there, go to System Settings, where you can find advanced options. In the section, reset is an option and should be selected for factory reset. Remember, before performing a factory reset, back up your important data, such as contacts, music, and anything else that matters to you.

Can data be retrieved after a factory reset?

Yes, one should know that Android data can be recovered even after resetting. This is important because it can help people who have lost something important and a factory reset can be detrimental to protecting their data.

There are various tools and software that can extract deleted data from your mobile phone. All you have to do is search the internet and download them and retrieve the deleted data from your mobile phone using them. Of course, this is a very simple process.

Now the question is can we still protect our data? The answer is yes. You can still protect your data.

Let’s find out how –

Encrypted on Android devices

Android phones did not come with default encryption before Android released its operating system Marshmallow 6.0. Someone wanted to get it before factory recovery, which will not simplify their recovery data.

But after the Marshmallow 6.0 update, the phone is encrypted and even if the data on your phone is recovered, you will not be able to access it without encryption.

Cloud Backup –

Cloud backup is another thing you should look for. Most phones these days sync some important data from Google Drive so that you can access your Google Account even after a factory reset on a new device or your old device.

However, there is no guarantee that cloud backups such as Google Drive are completely secure. In fact, it is the exact opposite of security. Always remember to keep only unimportant data in your Google cloud storage, as there have been many reports of unauthorized access to cloud storage and theft of human data.

When I’m on the internet I find nothing but slowing down the computer or doing things I do not want to do. That’s why I offer this method for anyone who wants to go back to factory new activities with the Dell 3000 series desktop. Here’s what you do:

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  1. Save any file you do not want to lose. This factory reset allows you to select the files to save, but in my experience, it is easier to save the files you want to keep to a CD. Data to determine. Do this first, because once you start the process it will be active … no need to go back.

2 Disconnect your computer from your phone number, DSL box, or cable modem. All you need to do is connect the keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Disconnect your speakers as you will not be using them during a factory reset.

  1. Turn off your computer completely and connect your power cord to the wall, outlet, or any other power source. When you’re done pressing the power button on your tower and your monitor to see if the energy saved is gone. I think there is a good reason to do it because the production team assistant told me to do it.
  2. Mount your tower and connect the monitor to your power source, but still do not activate the tower or turn on the monitor. Be prepared for what you are going to do when you finally get your system up and running.
  3. First press the power button for your monitor. Allow the monitor to respond for a few seconds, then power up your tower. When you turn on the computer you will see a screen with the Dell logo. As soon as you see this screen, hold down the Ctrl key and start tapping the F11 key. If you respond quickly as soon as the Dell logo appears, a blue screen will appear on the next screen asking if you still need to perform a factory reset. Click “Yes” and go through the prompts until you finish.