F-35 fighters began to protect the airspace of the Baltic states

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Fighters of the fifth generation F-35 Lightning II of the Italian Air Force (Air Force) will be engaged in the protection of the airspace of the Baltic countries. The corresponding statement was made during a ceremony held at the Emari airbase, located near Tallinn, as reported on Monday, May 3, by the press service of the Estonian Armed Forces.

Thus, the German Air Force, which ensures the safety of the airspace of the Baltic States using Eurofighter Tuphoon fighters, transferred its powers to colleagues from Italy.

The ceremony was attended by the Commander of the US Air Force Jeffrey Lee Harrigian, who in turn expressed his gratitude to Estonia for the good support and reception of the allies. He also thanked the Germans for ensuring the safety of the Estonian and Baltic airspace and wished success to the Italian side.

Estonian Defense Minister Kalle Laanet stressed the importance of the launch of the Baltic mission to ensure airspace security. According to him, one should constantly be vigilant and ready to provide the necessary protection in connection with the “aggressive” foreign policy of Russia.

According to the decision of the North Atlantic Council, the air forces of the countries included in NATO have been protecting the airspace of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania since the entry of this list of Baltic states into NATO in 2004. During the 2012 summit held in Chicago, the council decided to extend the relevant protection indefinitely.