Exploring the Unique Benefits of ULM Doctorate Programs

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By Marilyn Royce

If you decide to obtain a Ph.D., there are some unique benefits to the University of Louisiana Monroe (ULM) doctorate program that you need to be aware of. Here are a few of them.


The University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM) has numerous colleges and programs accredited by specialized accrediting agencies. ULM is also a member of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. There are also many colleges and programs at the university that AACSB International and the Computer Accreditation Commission of Computing Sciences accredit.

For instance, ULM offers the COAMFTE Accredited Doctor of Philosophy in Marriage and Family Therapy. This program will prepare you for an advanced practitioner position in the field. In addition, the program aims to produce high-functioning leaders. You can earn your DPT degree from ULM beginning in fall 2023.

Another program to keep an eye out for is the Clinical Mental Health Counseling concentration. The program achieved the CACREP creds in 2012. The ULM School Counseling program has received the accreditation award for over a decade. This is the first school to achieve this distinction in Louisiana.

Concentrations offered

Doctorate programs offered at the University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM) are designed to provide students with meaningful careers. These programs also provide a solid foundation for future studies in psychology. Whether you are interested in earning your doctorate to teach, manage a nonprofit organization, or do research, the ULM doctoral program can help.

Forensic Psychology is the fastest-growing area in psychology. The field combines psychological principles with criminal justice and legal regulations. Students majoring in this area will learn about criminological theories, criminal justice procedures, and various criminal justice processes.

If you’re interested in a degree in Psychology, the University of Louisiana at Monroe offers concentrations in General Psychology, Forensic Psychology, and Pharmaceutics and Drug Design. Each of these degrees is provided in a traditional or fully online format. You can learn more about all these ULM doctorate programs by visiting the ULM Graduate School website.

ULM’s Political Science Program offers American politics, public policy, law, and nonprofit administration courses. In addition, this program provides concentrations in pre-law, public administration, and international relations.

Accelerated Ph.D. options

There are many reasons why someone would want to pursue a Ph.D. Whether you’re looking to increase your earning potential, improve your skills, or enhance your knowledge, getting a doctorate can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

If you’re interested in getting a doctorate, you may wonder how long it takes. While most Ph.D. programs take four to six years to complete, the good news is that there are some programs available that are accelerated. It can speed up the process, saving you time and energy.

Many fields require Ph.D. holders to have higher critical thinking and problem-solving skills. In addition to accelerating the process, a Ph.D. degree can open up career opportunities for you. It’s also a great way to expand your network and expose yourself to more people.

Getting a Ph.D. is a lot of work. You’ll need to write a dissertation, pass a lengthy test, and spend a lot of time researching. Plus, you’ll have to pay your living expenses.


Several programs of study are available at the University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm (ULM). They offer a broad range of doctorate degrees and graduate programs, which are all taught in English. With a focus on innovation and globalization, ULM promotes cultural diversity and offers small study groups that enable intensive mentoring and training.

The faculty is renowned for their expertise in their fields. They are dedicated to the university’s mission and providing effective teaching and clinical practice in a systemically oriented curriculum. In addition, they are committed to research that aims to serve the profession and society at large.

Ulm is a modern university with excellent facilities. Research is conducted in various areas, including medicine, finance, mathematics, biotechnology, computer science, and other topics. Several collaborative research centers are part of the university.

One of the most popular doctorate programs at the university is the family therapy program. This degree prepares students to become advanced practitioners and integrates clinical practice, research, and a systems-oriented philosophy. To apply for the program, applicants must hold a master’s degree in a COAMFTE-accredited marriage and family therapy program.