Experts did not find serious damage to the dam near Volgograd

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According to the data of the interdepartmental commission, a gully has formed near the right bank of the overflow dam in the Sredneakhtubinsky district. There is no threat to human settlements and cannot be, in principle, experts say.

– The water bypasses the dam on the right bank, a gully has formed there, – said the acting director. director of the organization – the customer for the construction of the dam Vyacheslav Inev – but there is no extreme situation. The structure itself fulfills its function. We will deal with the gully after the flood has passed, we will eliminate it.

There are no threats to settlements, no damage has been caused, said Sergei Vodolagin, deputy chairman of the committee for natural resources, forestry and ecology of the Volgograd region. Even if the dam burst completely, no catastrophe would have happened, experts say.

The task of such structures is to retain water upstream of the river in order to use it later in the summer. However, the accumulation of water takes place within the boundaries of the channel, and there can be no threat of flooding near such objects in principle, since the surplus naturally overflows through the dam.

During the flood, the stream washed out part of the shore and found a more convenient route for itself. Now the contractor has to strengthen the soil here.

– The warranty period for this facility is five years, it was commissioned in December 2020, – said Vodolagin. – So the repair work will be done under warranty.

An inspection has begun on the fact of the flushing, said Nikolai Kostenko, Deputy Volgograd Interdistrict Environmental Prosecutor. According to him, during the preliminary inspection it was found that the dam is functioning.