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A suitable office chair is a key element of creating a new workspace in your home or business. To help you find the right office chair, we have compiled a guide for buying office chairs.

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1.What are you using the chair for?

There are many office chairs that can be used for different purposes. When choosing which chair to purchase, it is important to consider what you will use the chair for.
Most people, particularly remote workers, will need an operator chair. However, there are chairs that can be used for boardroom meetings and reception areas.

2.Time for Seating

The amount of time you will be sitting can often help you decide what kind of office chair to buy. It is recommended to buy an ergonomic chair if you are working more than 7 hours per day and have long periods of inactivity.

3.Comfort and Adjustments

Many office chairs have adjustable features such as height adjustment, lumbar control, and swivel seat. Many features are available for comfort, such as padding and armrests. These features will be important to you. You can also decide which ones you need to have a productive and comfortable day at work.

4.Comfort, Brand and Style

A chair that matches your office space or desk may be a good choice. We offer a variety of colours to match your office space, including neutrals and classics.

You may want to buy office chairs that match your brand image if your business has a strong brand.


You can save money by purchasing used office chairs.


Operator Chairs

Operator office chairs are also known as task chairs. They offer a practical, comfortable, and ergonomic design. They are designed to fit the natural curves of the spine and encourage good posture. The chairs can be moved easily with the wheels and 360-degree swivel. These chairs are stylish and comfortable for long hours at work.

Executive Chairs

Executive chairs have a premium appearance. They are made to fit executive and manager offices and often include extra padding at the armrests. For a luxurious look, these chairs can be upholstered in faux leather or real leather.

Conference Chairs

The conference and boardroom chairs can be arranged around a table. You will need to ensure that your chairs are comfortable and presentable if you host important meetings with clients. You can also show your brand identity by choosing chairs that match your brand colour scheme.

Reception Chairs

It is important to make a good first impression. You should take the time to select the right chairs to fit the needs of your visitors or reception area. To create an aesthetic consistency, we recommend prioritizing comfort and professionalism.

Breakout chair

We have a variety of comfortable and stylish breakout chairs to help you create an area in your office that is dedicated for team meetings and collaborations.

Ergonomic chairs

 Ergonomic chairs can be used for long hours. You should consider investing in an ergonomic chair that will support you throughout the day if your work takes you beyond the 9-5. These office chairs have been specially designed with comfortable padding and a well-researched design that encourages good posture. They also come with adjustable functions that allow you to adjust the height and tilt of your chair to suit your needs.


Fabric: Many office chairs have fabric padding, particularly for operator-style chairs.

Mesh: Mesh can easily be stretched across a chair’s frame at the back and seat. Although this material can be padded in some cases, it is not always recommended. The combination of a non-padded backrest and a padded mesh seat gives you the best of both worlds with great comfort and a slimmer, more elegant design.

Leather: Leather is durable and easy to clean. A premium look is also possible with genuine leather.

Plastic: This is a durable and simple option for a chair that can be used in breakout areas and eating areas.

Wood: Sometimes, you’ll find office chairs made of wood, but this material is most commonly used for canteen chairs.


You can get the best out of your office chair by adding accessories. You can add many accessories to your office chair, including foot rests and armrest pads.

Tips on how to position your office chairs to prevent back pain

Ensure your screen is at your eye level. If it is not, adjust the height of your chair.

– Place your feet flat on the ground. A footrest may help you with this.

Ensure your lower back is supported by the chair. If it isn’t, adjust the tilt of the backrest or add padding.

– Your knees should be slightly higher than your hips. If they are not, adjust the tilt of your seat to make them lower.

Modern office chairs have many features that help to improve posture and prevent back problems. Lumbar support supports the natural curves of the lower back and promotes good posture. This fills in the space between the seat and the lumbar spine, which prevents you from bending forward or slouching while at work.


The material of your office chair will determine how to care for it. Most materials can be cleaned with a simple cloth. You may have to reupholster leather, mesh or fabric chairs over time.

Our used office chairs are covered by a 3-month parts warranty.


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