Employee Management with Connecteam: The All-In-One Tool

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By Sophia James

Do you want to improve the organization of your company? Various employee management tools can help you set a curriculum for your company. As the business grows, managing employees becomes a complex task that can be overwhelming for managers. Fortunately, Conneteam: employee management offers a services to simplify this process by providing a wide range of features and functionalism. It is specialized for its management purpose for scheduling time, attendance onboarding tasks and meetings, and much more. It is one solution that can lighten your workload and help businesses streamline their employee management process. This article will explore how Connecteam can benefit your organization and why it is the ultimate tool for managing your employees. 

What is Connecteam?

Connecteam is a mobile management solution that allows companies to create their employee smartphone app. It improves remote workforce management and helps to create effective internal communication to the employee’s satisfaction survey, performance management, scheduling and training. This software is mainly designed to keep teams in touch, including those in the field, which elevates work quality and system as it allows users to collaborate directly on tasks and projects no matter where they are located. The mobile-optimized system is designed to improve communication with non-desk employees, including brick-and-mortar location employees, remote agents, and staff members who travel for their jobs.

Managing Employees

Features of Connecteam

Connecteam offers a varied range of features and tools that help business streamline their operations, including: 

  • Scheduling 
  • Time tracking 
  • Employee Management 
  • Communication’
  • Forms and checklist 
  • Knowledge base 
  • Scheduling 

It allows managers to create and share schedules with their team members. The platform allows team members to request teams off and swap shifts with others. 

  • Time tracking 

Connecteam offers a time clock feature that allows team members to clock in and out using their mobile devices. It also has an advanced GPS tracking system so that you can track whether your employees are working from the right location. 

  • Employee Management

Its special tool allows managers to create an employee profile to measure their work performance. The platform also allows the new employees to integrate into the organization and training features so that you can train the new employees with the work strategy. 

  • Communication 

It offers a variety of communication features including group chat, one-on-one messaging, and announcements. This software also offers a directory feature that allows team members to contact other team members to discuss important events easily. 

  • Forms and checklist 

Connecteam allows businesses to create customs forms and checklists for their team members to complete. This can be useful for tracking project progress and ensuring that team members are working on the strategic plan. 

  • Knowledge base 

It allows the business to create a knowledgeable base that team members can access to find answers to common questions and inquiries regarding the organization. 

Pros and Cons of Connecteam: A comprehensive review of the Employee Management App 

“Pros and Cons” refers to the positive and negative aspects of using this software. Connecteam is primarily designed for businesses or organizations to manage employees and check their work performances. But is that the right tool for everyone? This article will provide a broad review of the features and functionality of this app as well as its overall performance and user experience. Here are some of the potential pros and cons of using this app. 


  • User-Friendly interface: Connecteam has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, making it simple for managers and employees. 
  • Customizable Features: It offers a wide range of features, such as custom forms and checklists that can be tailored to business-specific needs
  • Time management: The GPS tracking system ensures whether the employees are working at the time. Besides, employees can check or create their to-do list, add subtasks to bigger projects, and enable automatic notifications to remind employees of any open task or due date. 
  • Scalable solution: It offers a range of pricing plans and features that can meet the need of businesses of all size 
  • Communication services: It has various features, including group and one-to-one. You can communicate easily and instantly with everyone and share your entire workplace. 


  • Costly: While Connecteam offers a range of pricing plans, some businesses may find the cost higher than other employee management tools. 
  • Limited integration: It has less integration than other tools and platforms, which may be a drawback for a business that relies mainly on the third-party rule.
  • Limited customization option: Some businesses found the customization in Connecteam more limited than the terms of customization available in the market. 
  • No desktop application: It is primarily a mobile app, a drawback for businesses. Most businesses prefer working on computers and laptops. 
  • Limited reporting option: While Connecteam provides real-time reporting and analytics, some businesses may find that reporting options are limited compared to what other employees’ business tools offer. 

Connecteam pricing and plans 

Connecteam offers various plans, including its Free plan and four paid pricing plans: Basic, Advanced, Expert, and Enterprise. The sections below also explore the features included in each plan so you can make an informed decision on the best Connecteam plan for your business. 

  1. Free plan
  2. Basic plan 
  3. Advanced plan 
  4. Expert plan
  5. Enterprise plan 
  • Free Plan 

What’s great about Connecteam is its Free plan, which provides free-for-life access for up to 50 users. The Free plan costs nothing but comes with a wide range of features for streamlining business operations and employee communications. This plan also allows unlimited admins to create an organizational structure as they see fit.

  • Operations

For instance, one useful feature included in the Free Plan is an employee time clock feature for clocking in and out in real time. Businesses can also set up kiosk stations so multiple users can use the same devices to clock in and out. These features make it easier for businesses to track the working hours of their deskless employees. The Free plan also allows users to set up an employee schedule and tag up to five tasks for easier search and filtering.

  • HR and Skills

Moreover, managers can create up to three knowledge bases using the platform’s built-in knowledge templates library. These knowledge bases improve internal communications and ensure that diskless employees always have the resources to do their jobs properly.

To facilitate employee training, free plan users can also set up online courses and quizzes with text, images, PDF files, and even YouTube videos. This online training method is ideal for deskless workers who can complete the courses anywhere. Quizzes can also be added to the courses so managers can accurately track employees’ understanding of the material. To improve employee motivation, users can also distribute badges and rewards.

While Connecteam’s Free plan offers comprehensive features, it has some limitations that make it a better fit for startups and SMBs. The Free plan also works as a great option for small businesses looking to improve engagement among their deskless workforce.

2. Basic plan 

Connecteam’s Basic plan costs $39 per month, billed annually. Like the Free plan, the Basic plan can accommodate 50 users. Each additional user costs $.5 per month.

  • Operations

For the Operations hub, the Basic Plan comes with all of the features of the Free plan and more. With this paid plan, users can add unlimited jobs and locations for time tracking. Users can also get push notifications as reminders to clock in and out.

The Basic Plan provides users with more control over employee time tracking functions. For instance, one significant difference between the Free and Basic plans is that this paid plan supports GPS geolocation stamps and maps display. With these features, managers can view exactly where employees clock in and out on a map. Managers will also be able to specify which actions will require admin approvals. Moreover, users get more control over timesheets, gaining the ability to view timesheets in more than the past 30 days.

  • HR and Skills

Unlike the Free plan, the Basic plan allows users to add up to three-course categories and up to five courses within each category for 15 courses. Moreover, users can create up to eight quizzes and view quiz insights. Aside from courses and quizzes, managers can also create employee timelines, which map out an employee’s career and highlight milestones such as promotions and changes in job titles.

Managers can also show appreciation for employees and motivate them through tokens and badges. These tokens can be used to purchase gift cards for various services.

This plan also allows users to upload up to 10 documents, including contracts, COVID certificates, licenses, and tax forms. This feature allows diskless employees to send required documents to managers more easily.

Since the Operations, Communications, and HR hubs have more features in the Basic plan, this paid plan may be a good fit for businesses with more complicated requirements for their deskless employees. The Basic plan’s training features also make it a good choice for businesses that plan to launch different types of training for their deskless workforce.

3. Advanced Plan 

Business with a large, more diverse workforce requires a Connecteam advanced plan. The advanced plan is one of the most popular paid plans, costing $79 per month for the first 50 users. To increase your user, you can also pay around $1.5 per month for each user you add.

  • Operation

Unlike the free and basic plans, the advanced plan has more advanced features: it allows users to add up to three-time clocks to their accounts. Having a multiple-time clock can be beneficial for larger branch companies. With its time clock, each branch can have different admins, users and settings. 

With this plan users can experience multiple options, they can trace their work time, and managers can track employees who have reached their family limits of hours. In addition to these features, the users of Connecteam can also offer geofencing so that users can clock in only on listed work sites. The advanced plan allows users to list up to approximately ten sites.

Moreover, with the help of the plan’s task management features, users can enable mobile permissions and set which users can create tasks through the mobile application. Managers will also be able to view the whole task they are assigning you and how your work performance is helping the company reach its maximum potential.

Payroll integration is also available with advanced plans. However, with this plan, users can set automated reminders to complete their tasks before the deadline and help the admin keep an eye on the pending items before the payroll cycle ends. Admins also have the option to lock timesheets to prevent editing.

  • HR and Skills 

In the advanced plan, managers and admins can create unlimited courses and add as many different resources as they want to each course. These resources include videos, links and quizzes.  

Users with this plan get an advanced option to manage unlimited packs and upload unlimited documents. They are able to configure settings and restrict access to documents.

Admins can add event descriptions to employees’ timelines through the Advanced plan. Images and other files can be attached to the descriptions as well.

Advanced Rewards settings in this plan also allow admins to set which users can manage the organization’s token balance, purchase tokens, and send tokens to other users. Moreover, the Advanced plan provides access to all default badges in the system and allows managers to attach personalized messages to badges.

4. Expert plan 

Connecteam’s Expert Plan costs $159 per month on annual billing. Like the platform’s other paid plans, this package includes the first 50 users. Each additional user costs $3 per month. As a result of this pricing, the Expert Plan is a better fit for large organizations with few budget restrictions.

  • Operations

The Expert plan allows users to create up to six separate time clocks. Since each time clock can have its users and settings, this feature makes the Expert plan a great choice for multi-location businesses. This plan lets users create unlimited geo-fenced sites and provides accurate location tracking through a Breadcrumbs feature. Furthermore, through these features, you stay updated on your employees’ whereabouts while they’re clocked in.

Users of this plan can also activate a Limitations feature so employees can’t clock in outside their scheduled hours or daily limits. Users on unauthorized overtime will also be automatically clocked out. The software can also send attendance reports and automated timesheets to your email for more efficient employee management.

Aside from the benefits of time-tracking software, the platform also provides robust job scheduler features. Users can create up to six separate schedules to manage different teams and departments more efficiently. Managers can also add layers and shortcuts to shifts to give employees the information they need to work properly. You can also add shortcuts to tasks.

Moreover, managers can enable cross-schedule conflicts to ensure employees assigned to more than one schedule don’t go on overlapping shifts.

  • HR & Skills

In the Expert plan, users can fully customize courses and choose “hierarchy” or “on the date” course timing for employees. For instance, with the “Hierarchy” course timing, you can decide the order of the course’s sections. Meanwhile, “on the date” timing makes the course sections available on your chosen date.

Aside from more course management features, admins also get the ability to approve or reject documents. Shortcuts can also be added to employee timelines to link other features like forms and checklists.

Moreover, the Expert plan allows users to create and edit Recognition badges. You’ll have access to the Badges library to set a customized name and choose a relevant topic for the badge you create.

This paid plan also lets you add publishers to your account for added convenience. You can send rewards to the entire company or the HR department.

5. Enterprise Plan 

Lastly, Connecteam also offers an Enterprise plan available at custom pricing. This plan is designed for large organizations that want software that can scale with the rapid expansion of their deskless workforce. Connecteam also recommends this plan for organizations with more than 300 employees.

The Enterprise plan provides users with unlimited capabilities for Connecteam’s many features. For instance, users can create unlimited time clocks and geofences. Similarly, users will also be able to set up as many auto reports as they want.

In addition to time tracking capabilities, this plan allows users to create unlimited job schedules and add unlimited data layers and attachments to users’ shifts.

Likewise, for the Communications hub, users can attach as many files as they want to any update and create as many knowledge bases as their organization needs. These knowledge bases have unlimited storage as well. Meanwhile, managers can also create unlimited badges to recognize employee efforts and milestones.

Some unique Connecteam features can be accessed only through the Enterprise plan. These features include a biometric app lock for the mobile app, private branding app options, two kinds of APIs, and webhooks for forms. Businesses on the Connecteam Enterprise plan users get a dedicated customer success manager for easier onboarding.


Connecteam is a comprehensive employee management tool app that offers a range of features to simplify managing and communicating with employees. With various pricing plans and add-ons, connectome can cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes. The app’s ease of use and customizable features make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to streamline their employee management process.


Q: What does Connecteam do? 

Connecteam is a workforce management tool mainly designed to allow managers to put their business process on autopilot and help them to grow. 

Q: Who is Connecteam owned by? 

Conneteam was launched in 2016 by co-founders Amir Nehemiah, Daniel Nuriel, and Yontan Nuriel. 

Q: Is the Connecteam app legit?

Yes, it is a legit app, but it doesn’t mean it won’t let you down. A major problem could occur in your journey.