Edward Beale refused to compare himself with Mikhail Efremov

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Blogger Edward Beale, who initiated an accident on the Garden Ring of Moscow, believes that he should not be compared with Mikhail Efremov, who in 2020, while intoxicated, arranged a car accident that resulted in the death of one person.

“I didn’t hide in any way, it’s very important, I didn’t try to leave the scene of the accident, I didn’t say that I wasn’t driving. I immediately got out of the wheel from the first second, ran up to Maria, wanted to help her,” he said in interview with Channel Five.

According to the blogger, he did not try to “hide, mow and dodge criminal liability.”

“Because I am not Efremov, here you have to be a man and say: I was real,” Beal added.

He expressed the hope that in the near future he will be able to “properly” apologize to Maria Artemova, who received numerous injuries as a result of an accident.

“I will honestly say that many people do not put themselves in this place, they do not think that this happens, but it happens. I agree that yes, life is such, it is dynamic, like driving. But I was always sober, I did not use “, – he explained.