“Edible and spicy”: Volochkova gave Dzhigurda an unusual bouquet for his anniversary

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Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova posted on Instagram stories a video with a gift to actor Nikita Dzhigurda, who turns 60 on March 27. The star clarified that she wanted her bouquet to stand out from everyone else. “That’s why it’s edible! And sharp! ” – noted Volochkova, showing a bouquet of red peppers.

Volochkova noted that she would like to eat the peppers herself, but she has to “tear away the most valuable things from herself” in order to hand them to a friend. “I believe Nikita will appreciate it!” – added Volochkova.

Earlier, the ballerina said that she has been friends with Dzhigurda for 20 years. “You are a real man who knows how to defend the honor and dignity of a woman. And we always discuss and share the rest with you personally. Your loving goddess Volochkova, ”wrote the artist.

Earlier, Volochkova complained to reporters that she spent a lot of money to pay for housing. The star has a 750 sq. meters and three apartments – in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Astrakhan. All this takes about 1 million rubles a month.