How to Earn Money through Essay Writing

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In contemporary society, essay writing has been an interest of many graduates because it broadens knowledge, gives deep research, and analyzes various topics. Many professional authors with exceptional writing skills are earning high in their field. But many beginners are laid behind in generating some revenue from Essay writing. Then, how do these professional writers earn money?

The answer is simple, every pioneer wants to pursue their dreams and want to earn in their field of interest. Luckily, authors following innovative strategies start earning money. Unfortunately, many people with essay writing skills are jobless and are unaware of money-making options available around them. As Essay writing skill is a billion-dollar task, let us explore the ways in which you can earn money through writing. 

Ways of Earning Money through Essay Writing:

Nowadays, essay writing is the most demanding job and many contributors are in the queue of these writers. Earning Money through Essay Writing is not a difficult task. There are hundreds of opportunities available for Essay Writers to earn money. Let us briefly discuss some ways of earning money through Essay Writing.

Contributions to Magazines

An Essay writer can publish their Essays in their national magazines. They can send notes, articles, and short essays to the editor of the magazine as samples. After the approval, he will give you a job opportunity in his magazine and you can earn up to $50 a week. Local town and school magazines can also give a source of income to authors.

Publishing Books: 

You can publish a book with your series of essays. Do remember that your essay should look more inspiring and interactive for readers. Publishing books may cause you to invest some money but it returns with high profits. The more the book is sold the more money you can earn. Therefore, after publishing you must work on the advertisement of the book.

Writing Newspaper Articles

With the increase of print media, newspaper agencies are investing their money in professional writers. You can write articles for a local or national newspaper. You can earn up to 60$ per week through your articles. These newspapers also pay for writing and publishing your opinions on controversial topics.

Online Sources of Making Money through Essay Writing:

Since the paradigm of the contemporary world has shifted to online platforms, it has opened vast opportunities for various internet users. It opened doors for many Essay Writers that they can make money online. Following are some useful sources to generate online revenue.


Write your blogs: 

An essay writer can create a blog by simply signing up on blogging sites. Popular blogging sites like Blogger and WordPress allow creating useful portfolios and collections of essays. These popular blogging sites can help writers in making money online through monetizing. Google Adsense also provides aid to Bloggers to generate their revenue through publishing ads on your blogging site. The policies of Google Adsense reject plagiarized work, so always use an online plagiarism checker to check for plagiarism before publishing your blog.


Social Media Groups: 

Social Media has blazed a trail for writers around the globe. There are hundreds of social media groups and pages that pay writers for their academic and professional Essays. Facebook provides pages and groups to facilitate writers. There are Instagram and Linked In business accounts that are available for writers all over the world. They demand fully researched-based essays with no plagiarism. Therefore, a plagiarism test is necessary to get a chance to earn money online.


Freelancing Sites: 

Many freelancing sites such as Fiver, Upwork, and broaden horizons for writers to create their business accounts. There are a few tests they take before creating bids and then you are on the go. Content and Essay writers are earning highly from these sites. Writing is a hit-list job on freelancing sites. There are hundreds of writing proposals on Upwork with limited professional writers. Writers generate their revenue from $100 to $1000 a month based on their skills. Earning money from these can only be approved when your content is up to the mark and plagiarism-free. Therefore, use a plagiarism checker to remove duplicates from your work.

Various websites on the internet demand writers to write for their sites. They pay skilled writers and hire them after taking exams. Writers can avail these websites as an opportunity and try for their chance. After entry, writers are paid according to content and work. These websites demand SEO-friendly content, so it is necessary to check for plagiarism before submitting. A plagiarism tool can help you to detect plagiarism so that you can create a unique work.


Essay Writing is the most important skill in earning money these days. We don’t need to look up other fields when we are already in the dominant field. Essay writing is everywhere and it is the demand of this era. The knowledge of earning methods can change the life of a writer. However, if you have strong Essay Writing skills, explore these simple methods and you will get hundreds of sources to generate awarding revenue.