Dress Code: 6 Things You Need to Know When Wearing a Suit

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Suits are classy. There’s no doubt about it. You can wear them during weddings, dinner with friends and family, at work, or even during a get-together with your colleagues. And you can wear your suit any way you want to. That is unless you’re at a formal event where everyone has to wear the required dress code.

If that’s the case, know that you can never go wrong with bespoke suits. Having a tailor customise your suit according to your exact preference exudes prominence. It will be a good fit, and you’ll get all the confidence you need to wear it at a formal event.

However, even if you wear tailor-made suits, there are still rules to wearing a suit, and you need to follow them.

Leave the bottom button of your suit jacket open. 

This is probably the rule that’s always broken. Your dress code or suit jacket is designed to have only the middle button closed. So, whether it’s a two or three-buttoned jacket, make sure to follow the rule of never closing the bottom button. It would just look awkward if you do.

Button the top of your shirt.

Even if you don’t say it, it is understood how your shirt should always have all its buttons closed when wearing a suit at formal events. This is in contrast to how some of the buttons of your jacket should remain open. When you choose to open your shirt buttons, even just the top one, you will look casual and out of place in a formal setting.

Don’t let the cuffs of your shirt go over your hands.

Always check your shirt and find out if it’s the right fit. You will be able to know this when your hands can’t go through the buttoned cuffs and rests on your wrists. This is how the sleeves and cuffs should look under your suit jacket. 

Your belt and shoes should match.

Mixing and matching colours is not always a good idea. It is quite true when wearing suits. So, make sure your belt and shoes match and that they complement the colour of your suit. If not, not only will your suit look out of place, but you would, too.

Don’t let your legs show.

Socks are important when wearing a suit since they cover what doesn’t need to be seen. This refers to your legs. Hairy or not, your legs should not draw attention from yourself. So, make sure you wear socks because even if your pants cover your legs, they will still show when you sit down. 

Don’t let your tie go past your belt.

This is an obvious rule that needs to be followed. After all, you wouldn’t want to wear a tie that ends on your crotch, would you?

So, make sure you tie it at the right spot so it ends just above your belt. And do wear a tie that’s darker than your shirt colour. It does wonders to make you look sharp and chic.

Certain rules need to be followed in life, and wearing suits is no exception.

However, you can wear your bespoke suits any way you want during your events or elsewhere where a strict dress code is not compulsory. So even if you keep the coat open all the way, or wear a graphic shirt on the inside, or pair your suit with sneakers, it won’t matter. It’s your fashion style. 

What’s important is that you’re comfortable and that your suit fits perfectly because that’s how bespoke suits are supposed to fit. With it, you can confidently wear your suit how you want to.