Doctors named the main symptoms of an infected tick bite

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The appearance of fever and a rash on the body during the epidemic season may indicate a bite of an infected tick, doctors told RIA Novosti on Wednesday, April 28.

“The incubation period for major tick-borne infections is about a month. During this period, it is necessary to monitor the child. If the child develops any complaints, such as fever, rash on the body, you should contact the pediatrician, pointing out the fact of suction. It is worth remembering that if the fact of tick suction is not established, it cannot be guaranteed that it was not. After being bitten, the tick can fall off on its own, and the pathogen can enter the bloodstream, ”said Alexey Rtischev, an infectious disease specialist at the Morozov Children’s Hospital.

It is clarified that if during the epidemic season a child has visited a forest or endemic areas and has symptoms of an infectious disease, including a fever of any degree, a ring-shaped rash, you need to see a doctor to prevent a possible infection.

After being bitten by an infected tick, an adult may have a fever and a rash, said Natalya Prokhorova, head of the admission department, infectious disease specialist at the IKB No. 2.

“Don’t panic if you’ve been bitten by a tick. It is necessary to remove the tick as quickly as possible. This can be done on your own, or you can go to the emergency room at your place of residence, or to the tick-borne encephalitis immunoprophylaxis office at the ICB No. 2. After the bite, it is necessary to submit the tick for examination for tick-borne infections, if detected, one should consult an infectious disease doctor, ”Prokhorova said.

The easiest way to remove a tick yourself is with a thread, Rtischev added. When hiking and in the forest, you can take it out of your clothes. A thread should be tied around the place where the mite has adhered to the skin, and twisted clockwise. It is possible to reduce the likelihood of infection entering the blood by promptly removing the insect.

“If the tick was removed, it is recommended to promptly deliver it to the Rospotrebnadzor laboratory or any other laboratory. Within 1-2 days, a study will be carried out for the presence of the causative agent of four infections – tick-borne borreliosis, tick-borne encephalitis, ehrlichiosis, anaplasmosis. If pathogens are found, emergency prophylaxis will be prescribed, ”Rtischev summed up.

On April 23, it was reported that over a week in the Pskov region, 37 people, including 8 children, turned to doctors with tick bites. Compared to 2020, the number of requests decreased by 79%.

On April 17, EMERCOM of Russia spoke about effective ways to protect against ticks. When going into the forest, experts advise to wear special suits that protect against pests. In the absence of protective clothing, dress in such a way that a quick inspection can be easily carried out to detect ticks attached to the fabric. It is advisable to tuck trousers into boots, and outerwear into trousers.