Discover Perth’s Most Famous Attractions in Australia

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Less famous than the east coast, the west coast of Australia also has its amazing charms and itineraries! In the country’s largest state, Western Australia, the capital Perth is an amazing city!


Fourth largest city in the country and main financial and commercial center on the west coast, it is considered the most isolated metropolis in the world-the other closest metropolis is Adelaide, 2,104 km away.


With options to please all types of tourists, from those looking for the dynamic rhythm of the business world to those who want the tranquility of its beautiful beaches, Perth is a lively and complete city. Also known as the hottest and sunniest Australian capital, the place has a tropical climate, with hot, dry summers and relatively cold and rainy winters.


For those of you who are thinking about studying in Perth or are already in the country studying or traveling, check out the tips we have separated with the must-see attractions of this city that has been arousing the passion of tourists and exchange students from all over the world!

Kings Park and Botanic Garden

One of Perth’s main tourist attractions, Kings Park and Botanic Garden is one of the largest urban parks in the world, surpassing even the well-known Central Park in New York.


With beautiful views of the city and the Swan River, the park has extensive lawns, ideal for a picnic and to enjoy some quiet moments. It is not by chance that the place is very popular at dawn and dusk, when several people gather to watch the sunrise and sunset.


In addition to hosting various artistic and cultural events throughout the year, its lawns are also home to two memorials that were erected in honor of Australian soldiers who fought World War I and World War II.


Inside Kings Park is also the Western Australian Botanic Garden, a spectacular botanical garden that has more than 3,000 species of flora native to the region.


The park also offers hiking and trail riding options, including a suspended trail, between the treetops, on a 222 meter long glass walkway. Two-thirds of Kings Park’s immense area is preserved, giving the park an important role in protecting and maintaining the biodiversity of the Australian west coast.


Marine biodiversity at the Aquarium of Western Australia

After getting to know the flora and fauna of the lands of Perth, also discover all the variety that exists in the marine life of the region. The Aquarium of Western Australia, a place that is always present in the main travel itineraries for this study destination, offers knowledge and leisure for travelers of all ages.


There it is possible to closely observe the diversity of the marine fauna of the Australian west coast, such as stingrays, sharks, turtles, crustaceans and a multitude of species of fish. One of the main attractions is a glass tunnel built at the base of an aquarium, which allows visitors to feel “in the water” and move among the animals that swim around them.


Another option, for those who really want to feel “in the water”, are guided dives with an oxygen balloon. Thus, it is possible to really be in contact with all the marine wealth of the region. Even for those who already have experience in deep sea diving, the activity can reserve good moments, since the amount of species present there is really incredible!


Fremantle’s historic harbor

In metropolitan Perth is Fremantle, a port city with over 26,000 inhabitants. With an enviable structure to receive tourists, the place has been much sought after by tourists looking for a quieter destination.


Charming cafes, restaurants and pubs occupy buildings dating from the period of its colonization, exuding gastronomy and art in its historic streets listed by heritage. Among the interesting tours that the city offers is a visit to Fremantle Prison to learn about the dependencies and the history of this former prison.


For those looking for a beach, the crystal clear waters of Leighton Beach are an excellent choice! And at the end of the day, there’s no way to miss the sunset on Fremantle Beach.


Certainly, walking the streets of Fremantle is a journey through history and a delight for the soul.


Culture and Nightlife in Northbridge

One of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, Northbridge is very close to downtown Perth. In its streets, the nightlife is pulsating every day of the week. Upscale cafes and restaurants share space with trendy bars and pubs, which are frequented by backpackers from all over the world. The city’s main nightclubs are located there, always guaranteeing long and lively nights.


The neighborhood is also home to the Perth Cultural Center, home to some of the city’s main cultural events, as well as the State Library and State Theatre. Throughout the year, its streets also receive various artistic performances, gastronomic fairs, open-air cinema sessions and other cultural festivals.


Following the cultural route, be sure to visit, also in Northbridge, the Art Gallery of Western Australia, installed in a building that mixes a modern façade with old interiors.


The museum, which has both permanent and temporary exhibitions, offers visitors contact with the rich artistic production of Western Australia, bringing together an important collection of historical works and contemporary artists. The place also has an exclusive gallery for artists of Aboriginal origin.


Close to Northbridge, in central Perth, is another very important West Coast art institution, the Western Australian Museum. It is a space dedicated to natural history, with galleries that house dinosaur bones, meteor fragments and stuffed animals of the local fauna.


There is also a sector dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of the history of the aboriginal people, whose first records date back to 50 thousand years ago.


Perth’s beaches

One of the most popular in the country, Cottesloe Beach is an urban beach that lies between the port of Fremantle and downtown Perth. With a 1.5 km stretch of golden sand, the beach enchants for its natural beauty and relaxed lifestyle.


Ideal for snorkeling, body boarding and surfing, the place is also famous for the incredible view that it offers to the sunset over the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean.


In addition to the sandy strip, the beach also has a wide lawn under the shadows of giant Norfolk pine trees, where picnics and outdoor music concerts take place. Next to the beach, there is an avenue with restaurants, bars and cafes, offering good meals and delicious drinks in lively and cozy environments.


Leaving by ferry from Perth, you reach Rottnest Island, a piece of land that separated from the mainland about 7,000 years ago. The first signs of human occupation at the site date back to 6,500 years ago, when the island began to be inhabited by the Nyungah aboriginal people.


A popular tourist destination on the west coast, the beauties of Rottnest Island can be found both in the exuberance of its beaches and bays and in the charming architecture of its colonial houses built in the 19th century.


Also well known, Scarborough beach has soft sand and very inviting waves, as well as an amphitheater that hosts cultural performances and a good variety of bars and restaurants.


Nearby is Brighton beach, much less popular than its neighbor and with the same combination of soft sand and good waves. Another option for those who enjoy a calmer and more empty beach is Army Beach, which is named after the army barracks located in the surroundings.


A destination that mixes modernity and the dynamism of a commercial center with a calm and peaceful lifestyle of a quiet town on the Australian west coast, this is Perth, Australia. With great leisure options, unique natural beauties and a surprising cultural wealth, the place has enchanted tourists of the most varied profiles and will certainly not disappoint you!


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