Dems acting like hypocrites on Capitol security compared to border wall: Rep. Nancy Mace

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Congressional Democrats are guilty of “hypocrisy” for refusing to spend money on securing the border while countenancing Capitol Hill looking like “a Green Zone of a war-torn country,” Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., told “The Fox News Rundown” Wednesday.

“You see the seven-foot fencing and it’s not barbed wire, apparently it’s razor wire …” Mace told host Dave Anthony, “and here we have a Congress that doesn’t want to fund a border wall at our southern border, yet they want to fund fencing and keeping people out of our Capitol. 

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“I think one of the frustrations we’ve seen — this is putting it lightly — that people have with Congress and with our nation’s capital is the hypocrisy and the way that we apply different policies or ideologies to our country,” the freshman Republican added.

“This is a free country, and we shouldn’t be blocking people from visiting our Capitol. It is a safe place today, and we want people to admire and respect the freedoms that we cherish.”

Thousands of National Guard troops have patrolled the area around Capitol Hill since the Jan. 6 riot that led to the deaths of five people. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told Fox News’ “Your World” Tuesday that the current plan is to “end this mission in the capital region by about the middle of March.”


“I do believe that the troops can go away …” Mace said Wednesday. “Right now, I mean, you can hardly get around the Capitol. I do feel safe at the Capitol. That day [Jan. 6], obviously … was abhorrent. It was a day of violence where five people died and the only thing standing between us and the violent rioters and the insurrectionists were the Capitol Hill police. And so we all need to make sure that we are safe when we go to go to work.

But right now … there’s no effort to show the free country that we are.”

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