Cyprus left Russia in the “red” group of countries

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The Cypriot authorities have decided to make some changes to the coronavirus register of states whose citizens the country is ready to host under certain conditions. Thus, the status of Malta and Norway has been raised from “red” to “orange”, and now citizens of these countries can come to Cyprus with one test for COVID-19 passed in the country of departure. Iceland was downgraded from the “green group”, which allowed tourists to fly to the island without any information at all, to the same “orange category”. From next Thursday, only Australia, Israel, New Zealand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and South Korea will remain in the “green zone” for Cyprus.

Russia remained in the “red” group, because the Russians, as before, must pass the PCR test and receive a certificate in English before departure (not earlier than 72 hours), as well as fill out a questionnaire and upload the test results to it within 24 hours.

Upon arrival on the island, citizens of the Russian Federation must re-test at their own expense.

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