Credit addiction: simple rules for how to stop living in debt

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According to analysts, every third Russian has a valid loan today. However, psychologists warn that people who are constantly in debt are constantly under stress. How to get out of the debt hole, tells “Volgogradskaya”.

First of all, you should do financial literacy. You can start with popular books or training videos: this information is now available both in free access and in the form of seminars, courses and trainings.

Quickly getting rid of the addiction to impulse buying will not work, it is always a long way. Getting rid of “credit addiction” helps the habit of planning a budget and purchases. If spending stops being spontaneous, the amount of free money will surely increase. Experts advise sending them to early repayment of loans – it is not necessary to pay the entire amount at once, it is enough to pay the amount slightly higher than the monthly payment. This “snowball” method will help you get rid of loans faster.

Psychologists also advise you to stop constantly comparing yourself with others and try to stop proving your importance to others with status things if you cannot afford them.