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  1. Tease Your Followers
    Teasers are an effective marketing strategy that should be used before introducing the actual product. It keeps the audience guessing, so they can figure out what’s going on. People could even be directed to your Instagram stories to see the teaser.

    2. Let the Audience See the Need
    The best way to persuade your followers to buy your product or use your service is to explain why they need it.

    3. Encourage Followers to Tag Their Friends
    This is an excellent way to increase your involvement. When your current followers tag other users, your chances of gaining more followers increase. Furthermore, this increases your sales or the reach of your brand.

    4. Use Active Language
    Words or phrases like “buy now,” “click on,” “subscribe to,” and “register now” would help persuade the audience to do so.

    5. Create a Sense Of Urgency
    CTAs like “for a limited time only,” “limited to the first 100 customers,” “order within 24 hours to receive the discount code,” and similar phrases entice followers to grab their wallets and place their orders right away. Infusing urgency into your CTAs may give customers the impression that they are missing out. CTAs such as “call now” are preferable to “contact us at any time.”

    6. Focus On “You” Statements
    The goal of calls to action is to get someone to act and to make them feel as if you’re speaking directly to them. “Sign up for Plan to Increase Instagram Followers” is less effective than “Sign up for Plan to Increase Instagram Followers.”

    7. Splash Some Colors
    You must first capture the user’s attention before you can persuade them to buy or download anything. Colorful CTAs are an excellent way to alert the audience that “hey, eyes here.” You can also add text to your photos. The goal is to make them as appealing as possible from a visual standpoint.

    9. Get Your Followers to Like, Share or Check Your Other Channels
    This increases the number of likes on your posts and makes you visible in their friends’ “explore” tabs. It will also increase the number of people who visit your other social media accounts.

    10. Make it Sound Easier for Your Audience
    As a result, your CTAs should emphasize that following the steps you indicate will not take much time or effort. You can say “register now to get exclusive discounts” instead of “fill out this form to get exclusive discounts.”

    11. Use Layman’s Terms
    Using jargon may confuse readers and cause them to skip over your post. Make an effort to maintain a friendly and inviting tone of voice.

    12. Be Reachable
    Insert links to your website or check that your “contact us” button is operational. When users contact you, respond as soon as possible. The longer they wait to hear from you, the more likely it is that they will take their business elsewhere.


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