Comparing the Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets: Stock, Semi-Custom, and Custom Cabinets

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Most kitchen renovation projects involve installing cabinetry. From floors to lighting fixtures, there are several elements of a kitchen remodel. However, every project is incomplete without efficient cabinetry. Kitchen cabinets take a major part of any kitchen- both in terms of appearance and budget. It not only sets the tone of your kitchen but also makes your space clutter-free and functional. Also, the theme of your kitchen depends on the design of cabinets you select. For a country kitchen, you may go for traditional cabinetry while modern cabinets are best suited for a contemporary space. However, before you choose the design, material, and color of your new cabinets, it’s more important to decide what type of cabinets you want.

Cabinets come in different types- stock cabinets, semi-custom, and custom cabinets. These cabinets differ from each other in terms of production method. Each type has certain pros and cons and your choice depends on factors like your budget, lifestyle, and aesthetic goals. Since cabinets are the first step in your kitchen design, you need to carefully weigh in the pros and cons of each type to determine which one will best suit your needs. So, let’s find out the major difference between these cabinet types to help you make an informed decision.

Stock Cabinets

When looking for new kitchen cabinets, you will first come across ready-made cabinets. These cabinets are made with standard dimensions to fit most kitchens. You simply walk into the store, choose a product, and get it installed in your kitchen. These are stored in a warehouse and ready to be installed. With stock cabinets, you don’t have an option for custom modifications. These are budget-friendly and easy to install but it doesn’t make the best use of your space. If you have an odd-shaped kitchen, you may even face difficulty in finding the perfect size. Also, don’t expect to get a wide variety of designs, shapes, colors, wood type, or finishes options.

Semi-Custom Cabinets

Another type is semi-custom cabinets that provide some level of customization. These are also made in basic sizes but the homeowners get the freedom to resize cabinet doors and drawers, as well as made some minor modifications. As compared to stock cabinets, these can better fit in your space and accommodate your design preferences. Semi-custom cabinets are a little more expensive than stock cabinets but less costly than custom cabinetry.

Custom Cabinets

As the name suggests, these are custom-made and not pre-manufactured like stock cabinets. Custom cabinets are designed and crafted after taking measurements of your kitchen. These are designed and built especially for your kitchen. You get the complete freedom to choose every aspect of your new kitchen cabinetry. You decide what size, color, material, style, and finish you want. You can discuss your ideas with a custom cabinet contractor and these cabinetry experts can even craft cabinets to perfectly accommodate small or odd-shaped spaces. Custom cabinets are most popular among homeowners but these are labor-intensive and can take more installation time. Also, these are costlier than the other two types.