Chronicles of coronavirus in the Tver region: the main thing for April 23

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According to the latest data published on April 22, another 78 residents of the Tver region fell ill with coronavirus, eight died, 82 recovered and were discharged from hospitals.

The regional government has traditionally updated the map of the distribution of COVID-19 in the municipalities of the region: for example, in the “anti-leaders” Tver and Konakovsky district.

The general statistics of the spread of coronavirus in the region since the beginning of the pandemic is as follows: 39 353 fell ill, 847 died, and 37 441 recovered and were discharged from hospitals.

The vaccination campaign against coronavirus is also actively continuing, most of those vaccinated are over 60 years old.

“MK in Tver” analyzed whether covid passports will be introduced in the Tver region, how it threatens, what are the pros and cons of their introduction. The head of the #WeTogether volunteer project, who actively helped pensioners during the coronavirus pandemic, Yulia Saranova was offered to run for the State Duma.