Carmakers in the Russian Federation may be obliged to sell “green” vehicles from 2030

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The Ministry of Industry and Trade is going to oblige Russian automakers to sell a certain share of the so-called “green” transport from 2030: electric cars, hydrogen cars and cars on liquefied natural gas (LNG). This was announced by the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov during the Russian-German raw materials conference on Thursday, April 29.

According to him, this is necessary in order to “implement a smooth, gradual phase out of machines running on fossil fuels.”

To accelerate the transition to “green” transport, Russia will “initiate monetary incentives to abandon the use of energy-intensive technologies and” dirty “gray resources,” added Manturov.

He noted that Russia intends to carry out “green” transit on its own technological basis for such key components as hydrogen fuel cells and lithium-ion batteries.

“We are ready to consider localization projects, and in both directions,” the minister said, adding that the country has already begun production of lithium hydroxide for the BASF corporation and one of the Mercedes-Benz divisions.

Earlier, on April 15, the media, citing a copy of the draft Concept for the development of hydrogen energy until 2024, reported that by 2050 Russia is going to earn from the export of environmentally friendly types of hydrogen from $ 23.6 billion to $ 100.2 billion per year, supplying to the world market from 7.9 million to 33.4 million tons.

The concept was developed by the Ministry of Energy and agreed with companies and specialized departments, said a representative of the Ministry of Energy. He stressed that it is already being coordinated with the government.

Deputy Energy Minister Pavel Sorokin, speaking at the department’s collegium on April 12, said that Russia will intensively increase the export of hydrogen, and by 2030 it should occupy 20-25% of the world market for trade in this product.

As Izvestia wrote on February 22, Germany has planned to open a bureau in Moscow for the production and export of hydrogen fuel. In general, Germany is planning to invest € 2 billion in the international hydrogen market in the coming years. It was noted that the development of the hydrogen market is good news for Russia, since renewable energy sources are underdeveloped, but there are serious growth prospects.

Hydrogen is now produced in small volumes, for example, in the Magadan region), but in the future, production may grow several times, or even orders of magnitude.

At the end of February, the deputy head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Alexander Morozov, said that by 2023 Russia could have a model of public transport running on hydrogen, as well as combines and tractors with a similar mechanism. Hydrogen locomotives will appear by 2024.