Can you find out everything about your provider with a broadband speed?

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A national survey has recently revealed that broadband speed is the number one reason UK broadband users switch to another provider. The reason is easy to understand. Compared to other modern countries, especially continental Europe, our internet services are incredibly slow and incredibly expensive for what we get. The average speed of Internet connections in Sweden is about 100 Mbps, while the average speed in the UK is about 4 Mbps, many rural areas are much slower, and even some parts of the country cannot receive broadband at all. Here are some tips for improving your broadband speed.

Internet speed

Make sure you’re doing the right deal-it’s very important to make sure it’s in the right package before speeding up the connection. If your current carrier limits speed to a certain amount, find out. If you have a contract, call and ask to upgrade to a package that maximizes your phone line. Of course, this will cost you more, but it can also give you a dramatic increase in speed.


Change Provider: If your contract date has already expired, you can change it at no additional cost. This is a good time to run a broadband tm speed test to see exactly what your line is doing. These testers estimate the distance from the interchange and provide the best possible speed estimate. This depends entirely on your area, but if your estimated speed is significantly faster than what you are currently receiving, it may help to switch to another provider.


Consider Cable-If you live in a city, you may be able to get cable service. Cable companies like Virgin Media are much faster because their services use fiber optics instead of old copper telephone lines that were never designed for something like the Internet from the beginning. Cables are more expensive than regular Internet services, but installing services at home requires engineers and is only available to about half of the country’s population.


Check Downloads-It may sound easy, but if your network is slow, your home computer may be downloading it unknowingly. This can happen for several reasons, but the two biggest causes are virus checkers and Windows Update. These love to download large files and update them without warning. Most Windows-specific virus scanners and programs can be configured to download only if you say so, but when you know that a better option for these important updates will not be installed on your computer. Is to be set automatically. Don’t notice the slowdown!


Beware of limits-As is technically known, bandwidth limits, limits, or traffic settings are very similar. These are ways for companies that offer “unlimited” connectivity to control their Internet usage. Limit network usage to a certain amount, which can slow down your connection, or you may not have a configured amount to download, but it happens during peak hours, such as 6 pm .. At 10 pm, things are late. Via the network. The only way to avoid this is to change the provider.