Campos-Duffy blasts ‘stone-cold political operator’ Biden claiming compassion for migrants

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On “Fox News Primetime,” host Rachel Campos-Duffy slammed President Biden for claiming the continuing flood of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers across the U.S. southern border is due to his standing as a friendly, compassionate head of state, saying that what the president really is doing is overseeing a humanitarian catastrophe.

RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY: [Mexican drug] cartels have another product, one that thanks that Joe Biden’s new border policies will not be stopped or turned away at the border: Kids. … That’s right. Trafficking kids is the new dope for the cartels. It’s a business worth tens of billions of dollars…

I have to tell you, nothing makes me angrier than the Biden administration wrapping this all up in compassion…. No, Biden is not a good guy. He is a stone cold political operator. What we are witnessing at our border is not humanitarianism. It is a large scale voter drive endorsed by Wall Street and big business who profit off of cheap immigrant labor. 

And if little girls and boys get raped, abused, sold into indentured servitude or even spread new and deadlier deadly variants of COVID it doesn’t matter to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. For progressives the ends always justify the means.


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