Buy India’s Most Energy Efficient Godrej Refrigerators with Inverter Technology

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Refrigerators are appliances that you cannot possibly do without. Getting your food fresh would otherwise be a struggle, as we don’t have the time to visit the market every other day. However, buying just about any refrigerator can create more problems than it can solve.

Firstly, you must choose the right capacity so that you are not cramped for space. If this is not done, the smells of different food items will mix disagreeably. Latest models like the Godrej refrigerators make sure that your food items are preserved as pristinely as possible. With their smart inverter technology, optimal energy is spent on the cooling and preservation of your food items. A double door fridge gives you the ideal advantage of opening the relevant part of the fridge without disturbing the temperature of the other part. Shop for a Godrej refrigerator at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and get the best offers and deals on your purchase.

Which Godrej Refrigerators Should You Consider Buying?

Godrej refrigerators are built to suit the modern household in the most comprehensive way possible. However, here are some of the models from Godrej that you cannot possibly ignore.

Godrej Eon Astra 270 Ltr 2 Star Refrigerator: This double door fridge comes with a 10-year warranty on its compressor, thus giving you enough confidence in its build quality. An accommodating vegetable tray makes it easier for you to sort and group your veggies. Since the fridge runs on advanced inverter technology, the compressor never really shuts down when the desired temperature is reached. Rather, the compressor slows down, not requiring a fresh supply of electricity to restart itself. Additionally, the gadget is 100% eco-friendly, if you are worried about environmental damage.

Godrej Eon Valor 241 Ltr 2 Star Refrigerator: This latest Godrej refrigerator has a 2.25-litre bottle space, so you can always store water and your favourite beverages without having to worry about space. The cool shower technology ensures that there is uniform cooling throughout the fridge environment so that there is no chance of anything rotting. A faster pull-down time in this product is why you will never have to wait for aeons for cold water after storing bottles in the fridge.

Godrej Edge Rio 192 Ltr 2 Star Refrigerator: This Godrej refrigerator comes with a separate section for your dry items so that these items do not mix with the veggies and other wet items. While starting, the voltage utilization by the appliance is on the lower side, thus taking utmost care to use only optimal electricity. Everything with this refrigerator is well sorted and organized.

Godrej Edge NEO 192 Ltr 5 Star Refrigerator: Although not a double door fridge, this appliance is equipped with turbocharging features so that cooling is fast and efficient. A 54 mm thickset insulation on this appliance makes it hard for heat exchange with the outside temperature. For this reason, this Godrej refrigerator can easily achieve its 5-star energy rating. If you own this fridge, you do not have to worry about inflated electricity bills.

Godrej Edge 200 Ltr 3 Star Refrigerator: This appliance will run on home inverters, so you need not worry if you do not have an electricity supply for a while. Furthermore, it comes with toughened glass shelves that do not break in case of rough handling. Like most Godrej refrigerators, this model also comes with a wide vegetable shelf so that you do not have to hanker for space.

The Newest Technology on the Block

Modern refrigerators are not just cooling machines; they are made of superior technology that takes care of your health. Godrej refrigerators are no different, facilitating fresh vegetables for a longer time, all the while saving energy. Even single door refrigerators from the brand come with 5-star energy ratings, which is a mark of the quality that the brand is reckoned with.

The smart cooling technology makes sure that optimal temperature is maintained in different parts of the fridge that are shut off from each other. In any case, you can choose a double door fridge that suits your requirements best. You must not overlook the hygiene aspect while you focus on other specifications. Godrej refrigerators facilitate an anti-bacterial interior so that your food stays free from germs. Ensure the safety of your entire family simply by choosing the right fridge!

Finally, shop for your favourite Godrej refrigerator model at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and enjoy alluring deals and discounts. Use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to purchase the model on No Cost EMI, with flexible tenors extending up to 24 months. Once you place the order online, the new refrigerator will be delivered to your registered address free of charge!