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By Marilyn Royce

Want to live a nomadic lifestyle? If your job permits, it’s a great way to explore the world, one city at a time, without losing sight of your career goals and ambitions.

We know — that may be easier said than done, especially if your work requires multiple monitors and programs. But the truth is, with the right hardware in place, you can easily take your work with you without sacrificing the productivity boost that comes with a multi-monitor setup.

Allow us to blow your mind with Mobile Pixels’ Trio laptop screen extender


Why Invest in a Triple Monitor Setup?

Laptop screen extenders allow you to add an extra screen (or two) to your current setup, allowing you to expand your workspace on the go. This is great for road warriors, as it minimizes task-switching — which can be detrimental to productivity — by displaying documents, tools, and basically, everything you need on the screens.

It’s also great for collaboration as it allows you to share your screen, make real-time changes, and chat with coworkers or clients — all in one go. 

But why should you invest in it? We give you eight reasons. 

1. Compatible With Many Devices

Have MacOS or Windows? This accessory will support them like a dream. 

Want to use an Android Smartphone for updates? You can do that too with a full-sized view of your workspace.

Our laptop screen extender is compatible with a range of operating systems. You can use them as an extended display and make your triple screen act like an ultra-wide monitor or duplicate them to display the same information on all screens. 

You can even connect it to Nintendo Switch for a top-tier gaming experience. Talk about work-life balance!

2. Durable

Made with ABS and aluminum, this mobile workstation will do more than add an extra dimension to your workspace. It also brings durability and sturdiness to the fore, taking all bumps and jostles that come with transporting your laptop to various locations in stride, without the wear and tear that shortens its service life. 

4. Connects With One Cable 

This plug-and-play solution expands your screen space effortlessly and connects to your current monitor — no need to invest in a new one! As long as it has a fully-functional USB-C or USB-A port, it will support power needs and data transmission.

Compatibility is a concern with many laptops, so do your homework before you invest in one, or be ready to put your money down on additional adapters. 


5. Energy Efficient 

Laptop screen extenders are power-hungry and can quickly drain the battery from your primary monitor as the graphics card has to work twice as hard to show pictures on both screens. Luckily, our setup comes optimized with pass-through charging capabilities, so you can power your screens AND your laptop with a stable power supply while working your magic on your current project.

6. Kinder on Your Eyes 

Convenience often precedes comfort with mobile workstations — but it doesn’t have to be like that. With this accessory in your arsenal, you’ll be able to enjoy more visual comfort with reduced eye strain because of its blue light filter technology.

There’s also the matter of postural pain to consider. 

Using any laptop can cause a buildup of tension in your muscles. It’s why you experience neck, back, and shoulder pain. You can solve this issue by using the built-in kickstand and rotational design, which you can pivot around your laptop screen for an extra layer of ergonomic comfort.

7. Lightweight 

Weighing under 4 lbs — an impressive 20% thinner and 1 pound lighter than the previous gen — this laptop screen extender is incredibly easy to carry. This allows you to create a mobile workstation that isn’t heavy on your back and shoulders. 

8. Offers an Immersive Experience 

Sporting 1080p full HD displays with up to 250 nits adjustable brightness and a refresh rate of 60 hertz, it delivers great resolution, color accuracy, and crisp, clear details in a suitably lit room. This gives you a top-tier substitute to your in-office setup, allowing you to put your best foot forward wherever you go.

Unleash the Power of Flexibility With Mobile Pixels 

If you’re planning to work on the road, laptop screen extenders — with their impressive screen real estate, resolution, and portability — will deliver a second-to-none experience, allowing you to get on with your work wherever you are.

Visit the Mobile Pixels website to experience newfound convenience and freedom at work no matter where you choose to do it.