Boxer Agrba spoke about the strengths of Kudryashov and Romanov

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The silver medalist of the 2019 European Games, two-time silver medalist of the Russian boxing championships Khariton Agrba told REN TV about his expectations from the fight between Dmitry Kudryashov and Evgeny Romanov.

According to Agrba, the upcoming event promises to be interesting and spectacular. He noted that both athletes have great chances of winning.

“I believe that an early victory awaits us in this fight, both athletes hit well, both are skilled, they have been in professional sports for a long time. This is a heavy weight, the punches there are completely different, ”the boxer said.

Answering the question about the strengths of the athletes, Agrba noted a good knockout blow from Kudryashov. At the same time, he recalled the fight between Evgeny Romanov and Deontay Wilder, during which the Russian knocked down his opponent several times.

“Romanov is a very technical boxer,” the athlete said.

In his opinion, the new Bridgerweight weight category, in which the Russians will compete for the first time, is a promising solution and can seriously compete with the heavyweight and heavyweight divisions.

The meeting of Russian boxers will take place on May 25 at the Khimki basketball center. The sporting event is organized by the boxing promotion GAZFIGHT, created by the performer Vasily Vakulenko, who is known under the pseudonym Basta. The tournament will include competition for the mandatory contender for the WBC title in the new 101.6 kg weight category.

On the eve, Dmitry Kudryashov shared his feelings before the fight with Yevgeny Romanov. He admitted that he missed the fights and really wants to fight, so he only feels joy. The athlete called Romanov a good amateur boxer and a difficult opponent.

Earlier, Kudryashov said that he was not going to feel sorry for his opponent, since we are talking about the title of the World Boxing Council (WBC) in Bridgerweight. The WBC established a new weight class in honor of the six-year-old boy Bridger Walker, who defended his sister from a dog attack.