Bird Flight Diverters: How They Help And Improve Birds In Urban Areas

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Bird flight diverters can be helpful to birds flying in highly populated areas. They are metal plates with a series of wires that are spaced far apart and usually positioned above the ground or between low-hanging trees, which send out pulses of electricity to shock the birds that fly near them. The purpose is to deter birds from landing on power lines.

The benefits of bird flight diverters

A bird flight diverter is a small, movable obstruction that helps improve the navigation of birds in urban areas. While they may seem like a nuisance to some, these devices have a long history of helping to improve the lives of urban birds. Here are four reasons why you should consider installing a bird flight diverter in your backyard:

  1. They can help reduce traffic congestion.
  2. They can help reduce pollution and noise levels.
  3. They can help protect wildlife from predators.

How do bird flight diverters work?

Bird flight diverters are devices that help improve the navigation of birds in urban areas by redirecting them away from dangerous areas. They work by creating a funnel-like effect, similar to how a wind tunnel works, which causes birds to fly towards an opening instead of flying into walls or other objects. This allows them to avoid potential danger while still providing a safe and efficient way for them to travel.


The benefits of bird flight diverters are clear. They help to improve the lives of birds in urban areas by providing a safe and easy way for them to get from one place to another. Bird flight diverters can help reduce the number of collisions between birds and buildings, as well as help reduce the amount of noise pollution that is created.