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Education in English Medium does not merely mean learning the English language for the means of communication but also means studying other subjects like Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, General Knowledge, Computer, and more in English. Top Schools in Jaipur and all over the country use it as a medium of education. The English language is the third most popularly spoken language in the world and the first choice as a second language option.

The most trusted English Medium School in Jaipur, Rajasthan by parents is VSI International School in Pratap Nagar, Jaipur. As a parent, you should know that kids in the early stages can pick-up and learn new languages easily. That’s a significant reason why parents want their kids to start learning this globally recognized language from the beginning of their learning journey. Education in English medium is also essential; as children grow, they become shy and hesitant in making common mistakes. At the same time, junior kids get more time to learn, falter and correct their errors. Learning all the subjects in English also adds to the practice and makes students more proficient in the English language. VSI International English Medium School in Jaipur helps all its students with learning, practising and improving their English language skills. You would want that for your child too!

Why is VSI International School the best English Medium School in Jaipur, Rajasthan?

VSI International School offers classes for boys and girls of all ages, from playgroup to 12th class. It is affiliated to the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE). The school also has the prestigious award of the ‘Emerging School of the Year’. It is recognized for its zealous efforts and contribution to the education of students in Jaipur.

The current and alumni students, and their parents, all of them have been and are a part of the VSI family. The school is a community for students and parents who aim to focus on developing and learning and practising. VSI International English Medium School in Jaipur makes it one of their top priorities to impart quality English Medium education to its students.

The school asks students to communicate in English, both at school and home. Some other steps the school has taken to ensure their students learn good reading, writing, listening and speaking skills of the English language are:

English speaking classes: The school has scheduled separate classes solely to teach English speaking. The students learn English speaking skills by improving pronunciation and enhancing their fluency. The teachers guide students with the help of various activities.

Smart classes: Researchers have proven that using visual aids is a more effective method of teaching. The audio-visual lessons in digital and smart classes at VSI International School helps students learn more easily and remember things for long-term or lifelong.

Library: Reading is the first stage of learning anything; the same applies to learn the English language as well. A library is a place which plays a crucial role in instilling reading habits in the children. A school library is a place for a plethora of knowledge resources. Students can select books from a wide range of categories.

Quiz and debates: Teachers at VSI International English Medium School in Jaipur encourages students to engage and take part in the regular class activities like presentations, speeches, discussions, and quiz. The school also presents the students with the opportunity to participate in inter-school level, state and national level competitions.

Most of the students struggle in learning the right English rules and use; some parents enrol their students in English speaking classes near them. But if your child is studying at VSI International School, you do not have to worry about their English language proficiency. Just help them practice more at home!

Other Extra-curricular Activities

The school lays a strong foundation of the holistic growth of students with its enriching extra-curricular activities added to the academic syllabus and curriculum. The school organizes various cultural and social events to give platforms to the students, so they can showcase their talent and outstanding skills, and develop interpersonal skills. These activities also fill the school atmosphere and students with enthusiasm and vibrance. 

Dance, Music, Art & Craft, Painting, Dramatics, Sports (Basketball, Table Tennis, Tennis, Cricket, Swimming), Martial Arts and Yoga are some of the major activities which are a part of the weekly timetable at the school.  


Admissions are open for the new academic session 2020-21 at VSI International School. Enrol your child in the best English Medium School in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The school follows a procedure for the admissions. Parents can collect and submit registration forms from the school reception.

Requisites to be submitted with the registration form:

  • Three passport size photos of student
  • Attested photocopy of birth certificate
  • Registration fees
  • Contact

Still, have more questions? Visit their website to get more details or contact here: 


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