Benefits Of Moving To Norwalk,Connecticut

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By James Smith

Norwalk is located in Fairfield country. As one of the most populated areas of all Connecticut, it attractact people from all over the state to move here. Norwalk is situated southwestern of Connecticut and a half hour train ride get’s you to New York. This makes  Norwalk a hot cake when it comes to the housing market – it’s ranked as the sixth most populated area in Connecticut.

Today we will consider 5 benefits of moving out to Norwalk.

Location: Proximity To New York And Other Metro Areas

A famous quote from The Wall Street emphessies how “money never sleeps” in New York. Everyone want’s to get there. Weather it’s the high income, metro lifestyle and the step up to your career path, surviving in New York is a bit difficult.

This is why people turn up to places where the cost of living is cheaper. One of which being Norwalk Connecticut. Norwalk sits on the Long Island Sound – from here you can travel to different cities. The proximity to such metro areas becomes a big plus if you are looking to move to Norwalk.

Great Place To Live

One good reason to pick Norwalk as your next destination is also the great diversity of nature. Generally metro areas are built in a way to support the dense population, hence the “concrete jungle where dream are made from” song.

Living in Norwalk is rated as the 3rd best in all of Connecticut. It’s one of the most diverse areas of the Long Island Sound – here people enjoy summer time kayaking, swimming, SUP or sunbathing. For more adventurous people, Devil’s Hopyard State Park or Collis P. Huntington State Park offer all sorts of outdoor sports like hiking, biking, camping or picnicking.

It goes without saying that there is an endless list of things to do in Norwalk. If you’re looking to plan you move to Norwak however you should consider the cost of living as well as some other details to make your Norwalk move smother.

Income, Cost Of Living And Housing

One of the most important aspects when it comes to moving to a new state or city is income. The median household income for people living in Norwalk Connecticut is $89,486 which is above the national average. Movers Norwalk report that people that move in generally offer services to neighboring cities, so if you’re concerned about making money Norwalk will surely offer great opportunities for you.

Second to most is cost of living – as we mentioned above here you will be living in the hotspot of all metro areas. According to Movers Norwalk data the total cost of living in Norwalk is around $57,000, including child care, healthcare, transportation, rent as well as food cost.

To top everything up we have got housing. The most expensive cost to your wallet if you’re moving to Norwalk. The median house value is $438,900 while the median rent is $1,691. Most people own their houses here, although rent is fairly acceptable when considering the proximity to New York.

Diversity Of People, Family Friendly And Low Crime Rates

Deeper to the data from Movers Norwalk Connecticut we found out that this is the perfect city if you’re looking for a diverse city. 95% of the sampe data shows that people are non-Americans. This makes the city more diverse in culture and the way people interact with each other.

Everyone loves those Italian pastas, Greek Feta and German beer. The city is also constructed to be walk and bike-friendly. These factors make it a good city to live for your family. According to the same data from Movers Norwalk Connecticut the school system in Norwalk is also highly rated. There are private and public schools that compete with scores above the national average and people living in Norwalk generally have a Batchelors degree or up.

This also contributes to low crime rates in the area. Although living in the pond of a metro area would bring crime cases here and there, people often report they feel safe living in Norwalk.

Diverse Job Market

There is a slice of pie for everyone in Norwalk. Living in Connecticut is generally accepted as a high income country. Opportunities in service, healthcare, real estate, media, and education dominate the Connecticut job market.

It’s often more than popular for professionals to come over and have their business all over Connecticut, New York, Hartford and much more. A dense population will always be looking for professionals to support their living appliances, get their things transported or just have somebody do the job for you.

For example, if you’re considering to move to Norwalk you would already be living the lifestyle without wanting to pack and unpack everything you had from your move. This is where a moving company Norwalk  comes to help, making your move less of a stress.