Before Puck comes, there’s some news

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I hear the news mostly. Otherwise, I will miss the next tsunami, the next meteor, the melting ice water, the sun that can capture me, the alien evil, or the next promised terrorist attack. Four years. I hear a lot of news because I do not want to miss these things.

I have known a lot about headaches and bulletproof bodies since hearing this news. I know a lot about Inferno cars and body parts. A few days ago, dozens of empty boxes were found in Iraq. This is not the way to go to war. I wish I didn’t know, but I know. I wonder where the rest of them went. I see and hear a lot of news so I know this.

I know a lot of good ideas about a lot of things. I used to listen to Limbo’s words, but I think he did not believe them at all, and O’Reilly was angry, sober, and depressed to my taste, but I knew about these people as I listened more to the news. I heard some things in the news about their personal lives and it was great to know that they were not as honest as I thought. I heard on the news. As you know, I listen. I’m listening to Pakistani News. It’s so much now as ever. I like it. They scare me, but I love them. They remind me of the government, this government, and other news I read about them. They think my thoughts on other new readings are at least general. At least I did not go down without explaining myself.

I know a lot about politicians, especially Republicans who love Jesus so much that some of them go to war, and then he can come back. They like it too, but often seems to come from the wrong gender and gender. Yes, but I honestly read in the news. Ms. Bush recently walked out of the White House because the president was cheating others. This is wonderful news. But it does not appear on Fox or AOL, so it’s not news, not public news, who knows? For me some media will not see this news in the news because they will not make news, I think we will get lost. God, the news is telling me that this president will not be a real president and that a lot of people will vote and even the right democratic voters will vote. Now it causes depression, but to me, it feels real. I heard it was true, twice in the Urdu News Pakistan.

Thanks to the news, I know that CEOs are earning more than anyone. I see it in the news. Millions of birthday celebrations, retirees do not have all the cows in the mountains that God envies. The former CEO does that! Or you can do one.

Everyone laughs that they will always be angry if caught, confuse that they are very innocent, but I will play, a little angry if no one sees, a little more. But at least we’re getting more news later. I read in the news that Enron did not give them the energy they needed, but how much money they received from California seniors to keep them hot or cold. I forgot. I wrote a little insane. They went to jail, but I do not think my best friend, the President, can forgive them, or read anything in the news when they come out the door. I read in the news that he could. “Then I noticed it. I do not think I will read this time again after leaving the office .. I read in the news once that there is no big change in human life, it will still be so.

Do I do it myself … Do you know that after reading all the news and comments on that news, do you ever think that those who made that news will never find it? How many empty boxes do I need to know about people who died in earthquakes in Earthquir or people I know? Needless to say, if I do not receive the news, I’m really afraid I will miss it. I once saw big guys commenting that they weren’t watching or listening to the news, but it didn’t work. I do not know what I lost.