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Your initial response after an accident should be to contact Baltimore personal injury lawyer The legal team has a long history of helping those who suffer mishaps or other incidents. 

They will try their best to get you the money you deserve. They can help you through the legal system because they are more familiar with it. They have experience managing wrongful death, traffic accidents, and other personal injury claims.

Brief Understanding of Personal Injury Law

Baltimore personal injury lawyer

Always contact Baltimore personal injury lawyer when you suffer a personal injury, what is it? A frequent legal phrase for harm to one’s physical, mental, or emotional health is “personal injury.” 

Personal injury law has a wide area with disputes where one person (intentionally or unintentionally) causes another person to suffer harm, injury, or unfair loss. It has a tight connection to tort law, which guarantees the right to compensation when someone violates the legal rights of another.

Personal Injury Lawsuits are Governed by Civil Law

Civil and criminal law are the two main subfields of law in the United States. Despite having the same goal of preventing wrongdoing, they diverge in many important ways. To understand why personal injury claims belong within the civil branch of law, let’s examine the distinctions between criminal and civil law.

Criminal law According to Merriam-Webster, “the law of crimes and their consequences.” Instead of wrongdoing against a specific person or entity, it includes offenses against society as a whole. It could refer to an actual offense against the government (such as assaulting a government official). Still, more often than not, it only refers to disobeying the laws that the government has put in place
Civil law The law of civil or private rights,” per Merriam-Webster. It covers conflicts involving two private parties, including people, groups, organizations, and businesses. The damaged party is nonetheless allowed to pursue justice and damages for any harm incurred due to another’s behavior. Even if the offense that caused harm was not a criminal one (i.e., it may not have violated established laws).

Different Kinds of Personal Injury Cases

Baltimore personal injury lawyer

  • Automobile Accidents

Personal injury claims frequently begin with one of the following: automobile accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bus accidents, or even bicycle accidents.

  • Slip and Fall Accidents

Accidents involving slips and falls may also give rise to personal injury claims if the property owner fails to uphold their duty to make the premises safe.

  • Medical Mishaps

There are instances where medical professionals give their patients poor care, which causes harm. (It is important to remember that ineffective treatment does not automatically state medical malpractice.

  • Dangerous and Defective Products

A product’s failure to perform as intended can result in severe damage. The inability to do this will result in a product liability case. Product designer and manufacturers are accountable for ensuring their products are safe and that users have access to tools and information on how to use such things correctly.

  • Wrongful Death

When someone gets killed due to someone else’s negligence, the survivors of the family may file a wrongful death claim case to seek compensation.

  • Premises Liability

A premises liability claim will be filed against the property owner if someone gets hurt on someone else’s property due to a dangerous situation (such as broken handrails, slick floors, dangerous animals, or more).

  • Animal Attacks

Animal attacks, including dog bites, are often the subject of personal injury lawsuits. Due to Maryland’s strict liability laws, pet owners are always responsible for any harm their animals may cause.

  • Intentional Torts

When an injury is the result of a deliberate act rather than an accident or negligence, the complainant may be able to sue the defendant in a civil action for personal injury, and the offender may also face criminal charges. 

These are a few instances where a personal injury lawsuit might occur.

How Much Time Can It Take?

Baltimore personal injury lawyer

The last thing you want to do after getting hurt in an accident that wasn’t your fault is to wait for justice. It would help if you had solutions right away. So how long does it typically take to hire a personal injury lawyer and submit a claim? This time period depends on various variables, but we can give you some broad suggestions.

You should first inform your insurance provider about the incident. If relevant, the insurance should tell you the reimbursement they will provide for medical costs, missed wages, and pain and suffering.

Your attorney may need to negotiate a settlement with both parties if you deserve compensation under your auto insurance policy or another agreement. If all parties agree to settle, expect the settlement process to take more than one day because the negotiations may last several weeks or months, depending on the damage’s extent and the case’s complexity.

Understanding the No Win No Fee Guarantee Policy

The digital billboard advertising proclaiming “No victory, no charge” must be visible around town. For a good reason, they typically refer to personal injury attorneys. Many accident victims lack the resources to cover the fees of employing a lawyer and presenting their cases in court.

A No Win, No Fee guarantee can help in this situation. You may get this bargain from many personal injury legal companies; you only pay if your case prevails. There is no need to worry about paying them anything if they are unsuccessful. The phrase “no win, no fee” means that even if they are unsuccessful in advocating for you, you will still receive all the compensation you are due without having to pay anything in advance.


Find a lawyer who has handled similar cases; personal injury claims come in many different forms. You should be patient and speak with several potential candidates before selecting the best personal injury attorney. 

To safeguard your interests and those of your loved ones during this trying time, choose the best personal injury attorney you can. In the event of an accident, Baltimore personal injury lawyer is the finest.

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