April 26 – Maundy Monday: Dos and Don’ts at the beginning of Holy Week

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How to meet the toughest week of the year

On April 26, believers have two memorable days at once: Great Monday and the day of St. Thomas the Medunitsa. The martyr died for her faith in Christ in the 5th century. The saint is still approached by people suffering from lust. It is believed that by turning to Thomais, miracles are performed with sinners. What is supposed to be done on the day of the holy martyr, and what is strictly forbidden on the first day of Holy Week?

What did our ancestors do that day

In the old days, on the day of Thomais, people went to the forest to collect lungwort. The plant was used to prepare infusions and salads. According to an ancient legend, God gave the bee a task: to find out from which flower the most delicious honey can be collected. And the bee liked the lungwort so much that she kept silent about it, but all the time she flew to her secretly. God was angry and forbade the bee to fly even near this honey plant. This is how the legend says that since then the bees have been flying around the lungwort.

Also on this day it was customary in the old days to collect the first shoots of sorrel and put it in cabbage soup and salads. Our ancestors loved to cook “monastery soup” with sorrel, parsley, onions, potatoes and butter.

One interesting ancient legend connects bees and lungwort.

What you can do on Great Monday

The last and strictest week of Lent this year begins on April 26th. The entire Passion Week reminds believers of the sufferings of Christ and orders them not to violate the strictest prohibitions. On Great Monday, Orthodox Christians remember how Patriarch Joseph was sold by his brothers like a slave, as well as the parable of the barren fig tree.

This Monday should be devoted to general cleaning of the house. On this day, our ancestors always cleaned, washed the floors, swept. Perfect order reflected the purity of the spirit and thoughts of the believer. With a pure soul and home, one could spend the rest of the week in prayer.

On this day, it is advisable to carry out a complete cleaning of the house.

On this day, a large amount of food was prepared for livestock – for a whole week. Also, the ancestors were engaged in seedlings. It is believed that work on the site on this day will bring a rich harvest.

Great Monday was considered the day when a special rite for wealth and health preservation could be held. For him, one had to take a gold or silver coin and throw it into the water. And later, after some time, they washed themselves with this water. It was believed that this would help increase wealth and not lose their youth.

In addition, according to signs, everything that dreams on the night of Great Monday will certainly come true. Nightmares, in turn, warn a person of danger.

Dreams on the night of April 26 are often prophetic. Nightmares will warn a person of the dangers.

What prohibitions cannot be violated on this day

  • One cannot deviate from the restrictions of Great Lent;
  • It is forbidden to make noise, laugh, dance and have fun;
  • You can not take on new things: it is believed that they will be unsuccessful;
  • It is forbidden to go far from home;
  • It is not recommended to host guests at home;
  • It is strictly forbidden to use foul language, swear and quarrel.

Name days are celebrated on this day

George, Dmitry, Martha.