Ankara will not abandon the second batch of S-400 due to sanctions from Washington

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Washington’s sanctions against Turkey will not cause Ankara to refuse the second batch of S-400s. This was announced to Izvestia in the Turkish parliament.

Restrictions prohibit US institutions from financial transactions with the Turkish defense industry agency SSB, and four defense industry officials were also blacklisted. They, in particular, are prohibited from entering the States, their assets on American territory will be blocked.

As the head of the parliamentary group of the republic under NATO, Ahmet Berat Chonkar, said, the issue of purchasing an anti-aircraft missile system remains sensitive, however, Ankara notified NATO partners in time about its intention to purchase the S-400 and will not abandon its decision.

The current US restrictions will have a minimal impact on Turkey’s decision and will not lead to any changes in plans to purchase a second batch of S-400, said Turkish parliamentary deputy Ozturk Yilmaz.

“The US State Department is thus trying to intimidate Ankara, to show that if Turkey does not change its position on cooperation with Russia, she should expect a tougher response,” the parliamentarian said.

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