An Ultimate Guide Of Field Reporting Tool In Field Marketing

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The employee attendance app helps to reduce the time scrutiny and improve the productivity of systems. Insights gained from the analysis of field reporting data help organisations measure the progress of actions to meet business goals, reporting and data sharing, performing quantitative analysis, and identifying customer insights. To transform raw data into the goldmine of useful information that helps increase revenue.

1. Set clear objectives

With just a few taps, your field workers’ attendance history and assigned tasks for each day of the week will be recorded in real-time to the app. This information will give you a true reflection of who is working, who is not and what tasks are getting completed daily. Data feeds from the tool can be automatically pushed to any business intelligence database allowing you to generate custom reports on demand.

2. Test before implementation

You can create a field reporting tool with regular attendance records, time-logs, geo-tagging locations of your team members while on the move using GPS and advanced reporting features. All plans include a web console to manage your app users.

3. Increase employee productivity

It’s no secret that businesses around the world struggle to keep up with the demands of today’s fast-paced digital economy. That’s why we offer an employee attendance app, which helps improve overall productivity as you can monitor the tasks, output, and performance of your team. This way, you can identify loopholes and streamline work processes to increase efficiency and productivity.

4. Let your employees access data

With a self-check tool, this helps employees know how well they are performing. Further, through multi-feature mobile reporting tools the information can be shared across all levels, maximising it and keeping the organisation competitive in a global business arena.

5. Work on Consumer Insights

Learn about consumer patterns and behavior with the attendance app. Reveals a demography based on which target consumers were defined. Gives the ability to identify customers who need better customer satisfaction. Can also analyze if a brand is meeting consumer expectations, or if it needs to be relooked at.

6. Cut costs smartly

Rather than treating their employees as a burden, some companies have started feeling the need to keep a tab on the working hours of their staff. And it’s quite natural since they believe in building a loyal and committed workforce to improve field marketing.