An Important Guide To Securing A VA Loan

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By Marilyn Royce

Buying your own home is very challenging, as it requires a lot of cash. However, a VA loan helps a lot of military personnel buy a home and get ownership. These mortgages are backed by the government and are better than other ones. It has diverse benefits, like no down payment and no mortgage insurance needed.
The trend toward VA home loans has skyrocketed in the past decade. To make a home of your dream home with minimum interest and trustable construction, most US military personnel apply for a VA loan only for one time. However, you can get benefit more than once if you meet the requirements.
If you have a very basic understanding of what the lender’s requirements are that you should meet, you can get a home loan easily by following the system workflow. In this article, we will discuss how you can streamline your VA loan in California by following some steps.

Start Without A Certificate Of Eligibility

Paperwork is one of the barriers that can stop you from entering the list. Rather, your application can begin without a Certificate Of Eligibility (COE). Usually, this certificate is asked for by the lender at the initial phase of your application. Also, you can get started with online VA benefits or reach out to a regional loan center for more information. 

Know Your Credit Report

When you apply for mortgages, your credit reports matter a lot. The demand for VA loans is imperfect credit. If you have bad credit, chances are that you will get a loan at low-interest rates. On the other side, if you have a low score, it will be difficult to get a loan.

It is best to get free credit reports from before you fill out the mortgage form. In this way, you can check amounts, typos, and other issues. According to statistics, about one-fourth of credit reports contain issues that cause a denial.

Know The Satisfactory Uses

The VA recommends buying or selling the primary homes of veterans. It can be a single-family residence, a newly built condo, a modular or mobile home, or a complex apartment. Buying a home for vacations, working farms, or leasing properties is not part of this program. However, you can alter your primary home into a rental property.

Understand The Requirements Of Residency

You have to understand that VA loans come with occupancy requirements. It means that you have to leave your primary home and move to a new one within 60 days of closing. This is a matter of great concern for overseas military personnel.

There is a possibility that your spouse will fill out all the requirements on your behalf. But this can be challenging, as this law stating that your spouse can fill out your requirements can cause problems for lesser unit members. Therefore, reach out to your loan officer as soon as possible and tell them about your issue.

Reliable Income Support Is Necessary

If you have reliable and consistent income resources, then lenders would love to continue working with you. In a single line, it is having a good amount of money left over after spending all your major expenses. Normally, VA prefers less than 41% debt-to-income (DTI) ratio, but if it’s higher than this, you can still get a mortgage. 

Must Have Loan Preapproval Letter

A loan preapproval letter is very important and has many benefits. Having this letter means you have the power to buy any house and therefore don’t want to waste your time. This is a sign to real estate agents that you are a serious buyer, and most of them reject offers without a pre-approval letter.

Find A Real Estate Expert With VA Knowledge

Most mortgage agents don’t work regularly with VA borrowers. This loan is unique and has some guidelines and rules. There are diverse requirements that homes need to meet. Therefore, a real estate and VA-savvy can assist you save time and worry.

Keep Your Credit Spotless

Lenders constantly look at your money, and large transactions can cause problems. So after the mortgage, be careful and don’t open new credit cards while loan hunting, as this hurts your score and ultimately will disqualify you.

Hope this article helps you a lot in getting your VA home loan.