An easy way to get rid of tiredness in the morning is named

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To get a charge of vivacity upon waking up and drive away drowsiness, it is enough to choose the right melody for the alarm clock.

According to recent research, there is a clear relationship between alarm tones and morning fatigue upon waking. The scientists published the results of their work in the Journal of Sleep Disorders and Therapy.

Researchers from the Royal Institute of Melbourne have found that a person usually feels tired in the morning due to the onset of sleep inertia, which can last up to four hours. This condition often occurs in people who prefer to go to bed very late.

To overcome inertia, scientists recommend abandoning harsh alarm melodies. In their opinion, flowing and melodic music is more conducive to awakening. Experiments have shown that such sound signals, regardless of the musical genre, help to overcome the inertia of sleep.

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