Almost a quarter of employees in companies in Russia suffer from burnout

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The international company Hays, the Habr Career service and the recruiting company FutureToday conducted a study, from which it follows that almost one fourth of those working in Russian companies suffer from professional burnout. In total, the study involved about 4.4 thousand professionals and 545 employers representing Russian and foreign companies operating in the Russian Federation.

“According to our research, over the past 12 months, 39% of the surveyed professionals faced the problem of professional burnout in 2020, 36% of respondents said that they saw cases of professional burnout from their colleagues, and as many as 23% of the employees who participated in the survey are right now. in the process of burnout and do not know how to cope with this problem, “said Alex Steinhardt, CEO of Hays in Russia.

It is noted that 42% of “burned out” workers decide to change jobs because they see no other way out. At the same time, another 26% quit “nowhere”, because they can no longer work in this place.