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To trade in the stock market, an individual must have a demat account with a stock broker. He will then be given an automatically generated client ID-based demat account number. When they open a demat account, the clients are given a special set of 8 numbers to use in tracking their investments as well as returns. Additionally, it aids in locating a certain client and keeps track of all of their assets. Let’s elaborate about the client ID and its role in a demat account for you.

What Do You Mean By The Client ID

A dematerialized account, or “Demat account,” is used for keeping shares and other securities in electronic form. It keeps track of every asset a person buys in a single location. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, are just a few examples of these assets. Client ID and DP ID are the two components of a demat account number, which is 16 digits long and looks like IN00365843827957. 

Your customer ID, or client ID, is the final eight digits (43827957) of the 16-digit demat account number. The bank or brokerage company where you open your demat account will assign you this number. These financial institutions utilise an internal algorithm to provide an individual ID number for each investor. 

Why Is It So Important

The client ID is without a doubt one of the most crucial numbers you need to know when you begin trading on the markets. It is vital that you know this number since it serves as a special identification for your account.

You won’t be able to alert the appropriate parties about any errors you see in your account without your demat account client ID. You also need to know the client number while trading, for moving shares to and from your demat account. This is especially true when you carry out transfers manually in off-market transfers which do not involve the stock exchanges.

Finding the Client ID Of A Demat Account

Let’s look at how to determine your specific account number now that you are aware of what the client ID is. This may be done in a variety of ways. The specifics are shown below.

On Your Welcome Letter

This is undoubtedly the simplest method for obtaining your demat account number. When you create a demat account, the depository will send you a welcome letter to the address you provided. Your demat account information, including your demat account client ID, will be included in this mail. You could occasionally not get the welcome letter in a paper form. As an alternative, you could get one through email. Therefore, be sure to look for the welcome email at the address you supplied when creating your account.

Through The Demat Account Statement

Periodically, your depository will mail or email statements for your demat account. All of the debit, credit, and other transactions that you may have made during the designated time period will be included in these statements. Your demat account client ID will be included on the statement together with the transactional data, often at the top of the page.

Your Online Account Demat 

After entering into your Demat account, you may access your client ID, which is also stored in your Demat account. To use this strategy, you must, however, constantly have your login information in mind. 

Your Online Trading Account 

If your trading account and demat account are connected, finding your client ID will be simple. However, since each brokerage has a unique client interface, it is impossible to forecast the precise position. Consequently, it is advised to carefully go through the website in order to identify your customer ID. 

Contacting Your Stock Broker Or A Depository Participant

In the event that everything else fails, you can also try contacting your stock broker by email or through their customer care helpline to get your demat account number. For instance, you can get in touch with our support team via phone or email if you’ve created a demat account with blinkX. However, be aware that the customer service may want you to prove your identity by mentioning some basic details.


A Demat account benefits an investor in many ways by streamlining the trading process because it is an online financial platform. Therefore, in order to have a smooth voyage, it is extremely vital to grasp and comprehend some of the fundamental concepts before creating a demat account and beginning investing or trading. The client ID is one such thing one cannot afford to miss. Once your demat account is set up, locate the customer ID that will enable you to start trading and investing in the financial markets. And if you have your account with blinkX, you can easily find all the details including the client ID on their online stock trading app. It’s absolutely a cakewalk.