A school security guard in Kemerovo hit a sixth grader over a packet of sunflower seeds

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In one of the schools in Kemerovo, a conflict broke out between a school security officer and a sixth grader over a package of sunflower seeds. This was announced on Monday, April 26, by the website 360tv.ru.

The incident took place at school # 50. The conflict was captured on video filmed by other students. After the incident, the school director and security officer, as well as the cleaning lady, were summoned to the local juvenile department.

As one of the school employees told the TV channel “360”, the children deliberately provoked the incident in order to record it on video. The same version was confirmed by one of the students.

“He went everywhere snapping seeds on the floor. They took the package from him, saying that they would give it back after class. When I came to pick it up, the cleaning lady threw the bag into the trash, ”said the schoolgirl.

She noted that the boy allegedly has mental disabilities.

The TV channel notes that information appeared in the parent’s chat that the student was really demonstratively throwing the husk on the floor right in front of the security post. They said that when the package of seeds was taken away from him, offering to return after class, he tried to take it by force, after which the seeds flew in the face of the security officer. After that, the woman hit the child in the face and called him.

The results of the conversation between the management of the institution and law enforcement officers are not yet known. According to another of the schoolgirls, the security officer was fired.

In December last year, it was reported that in Nizhny Novgorod, a guard kept a fifth-grade student forcibly, despite his attempts to escape from the rough capture. The regional education ministry said that initially a conflict arose between two schoolchildren, after which the guard intervened, trying to separate them.