A resident of Cherepovets sold someone else’s garage with a car inside

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A resident of Cherepovets, born in 1966, reported to law enforcement agencies about the theft of a garage box. The man said that in addition to the tools, there was also a passenger car inside. He estimated the damage at 150 thousand rubles.

A young man born in 2001, who had already been convicted earlier, fell under suspicion. It turned out that passing by the garages, he heard two men trying to persuade the pensioner to sell them the garage, but he refused. Then the resident of Cherepovets approached them and said that he was ready to sell his grandfather’s garage, and took them to someone else’s box. The men did not suspect deception and agreed to buy the structure for 30 thousand rubles. The next day, the resident of Cherepovets demonstratively tried to open the garage doors with a random key and said that, apparently, the lock had jammed, so the garage would have to be loaded without opening the doors. The men agreed and took the box with all its contents for scrap.

The resident of Cherepov explained to the police that he considered the building ownerless, but did not know about the car inside. A criminal case was initiated.