A rabid raccoon was shot on the outskirts of Yaroslavl

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A wild raccoon walked for several hours in the village of Ustye, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the border of Yaroslavl. The dogs tried to drive the animal away, but to no avail. The inhabitants of the village called the hunting experts, who, having arrived at the place, and seeing the signs of rabies in the animal, shot him.

Analyzes made by veterinarians confirmed the fears of residents of the rural settlement – rabies was found in the raccoon.

Now all dogs and cats in the village will receive a revaccination against rabies. Animals must be quarantined. Residents of the village were asked to be especially vigilant and contact veterinarians at the slightest sign of illness in their pets. All pets in the area are recommended to be vaccinated against rabies.

“Residents believe that the reason for the huge number of wild animals in the village is the cattle burial ground located next to the farm in the village. Red. “They come to eat with us … The cattle burial in the forest near the Krasnovskaya farm feeds them regularly. And what else to do if the police did not find whose remains and carcasses of cattle lie a few dozen meters from the farm!?” residents of the Ustye write. The district police went to the scene, but worked as they did: “It is not possible to identify the perpetrators.” The corpses were also examined for anthrax, which was not found. Nevertheless, the neighborhood with foxes, raccoon dogs and other animals continues.