A quarter more women laid off

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In the pandemic 2020, women were fired – both forcibly and of their own free will – more actively than men: the number of women workers who lost their jobs exceeded the number of such workers by almost a quarter and amounted to 1.2 million. …

Most women have finished their jobs and have not yet found a new one in sales – according to HeadHunter, there were at least 300 thousand such resumes. Female administrative staff ranked second in terms of the number of layoffs (187 thousand), and in third place were accountants and management specialists. accounting and financiers (121 thousand) In the field of marketing, advertising and PR, 70 thousand women specialists passed through this. The girls starting their careers also faced difficulties – 119 thousand of them had to leave work in 2020.

Most of the men who lost their jobs also worked in the field of sales, but the total number of those dismissed here is almost two times less than among women – 166 thousand. Slightly less active workers of the stronger sex left the transport industry (129 thousand), and in third place in the number of those who took the work book turned out to be the sphere of information technology and telecom (98 thousand). At the same time, administrative personnel lost employees three times less often than female employees – according to HeadHunter, there were only 62 thousand such resumes, and male accountants and financiers altogether quit eight times less often (there were only 14 thousand of them).

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