A new bridge across the Volga-Don navigable canal will open

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In the Volgograd region, the construction of the Volgograd bypass continues. One of the most difficult sections is the construction of a bridge over the Volga-Don navigable canal. They promise to start traffic on it in 2022.

To date, work on the construction of the main road embankment has been half completed. More than 1 million cubic meters of soil were brought there, almost half of the total.

First, it is planned to build a section of the road with a length of 12 km, which will connect the R-22 “Caspian” highway from the Astrakhan region and Elista and the regional highway Volgograd – Kotelnikovo – Salsk. There will also be a new entrance to the city.

Next year, traffic on the bridge over the canal should be partially opened. 18 out of 27 supports have already been installed there. The specialists used more than 1.6 thousand tons of metal structures. However, this is only 15% of the total volume of work.

As the press secretary of PKU Uprdor Moscow – Volgograd Inna Manafova told NovostiVolgograda.Ru news agency, the builders mounted spans on the onshore part of the structure, which unite six supports of the right half of the bridge and form the future exit to the Volgograd – Kotelnikovo – Salsk road.

By the end of the year, the road workers must prepare the overhang of the spans over the canal. All works of the first stage of the project will be completed by 2024.

On April 19, it was reported that road works began in the Volgograd region within the framework of the national project “Safe and high-quality highways”. It is planned to repair 515 km of the road surface.