A Definite Guide To Configure Juno Email Settings

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One of the most popular services for Email, Juno Email, offers you the opportunity to exchange Emails quickly and effortlessly. Juno Email covers them all if you want to exchange and receive emails or manage calendars, contacts, and schedule events. However, to ensure smooth operation, ensure that you can verify that the Juno Email Not Working is configured correctly. This includes the correct configuration of the different ports, Juno Email server settings for both the outgoing and inbound Mail servers, Juno Email POP server settings, and other settings. But, if you’re not sure how to set these up on your computer, you may get into trouble.

Explore how you can set up Juno Email settings on different device operating systems email clients such as MS Outlook and ensure continued email communication.

What are The Various Juno Email settings?

Before we look at how to set up the Juno Email account for various gadgets or email clients, Here’s a look at the most popular Juno Email configurations that clients often need some help with:

Juno Email settings for Outlook

Juno Email settings for Thunderbird

Juno Email settings Android

Juno Email settings iPhone and iPad

Juno Email server settings

Juno Email POP server settings

Juno outgoing email server settings

Juno Email Server Settings For Outlook

MS Outlook provides you an excellent opportunity to control all your email accounts from a central place. If you’re using MS Outlook, you can set up Juno Email and access all your email accounts within it. Although you can find a variety of results on the internet when you look for the necessary Juno Email options for Outlook and Outlook, you must be able to determine the correct method, failing which your Juno Email account may not respond appropriately. The following is a list of steps required to set up your Juno Email account for Outlook:

Start MS Outlook on your computer and click the File tab in the upper left right-hand corner.

Select”Account Settings” and then click on the “Account Setting” option, and then click select”Email” under the “Email” button.

Click New, then switch to Server Settings.

Click Next, and select “Internal Email Addresses.”

Click Next, and then enter the following details into the user’s data:


Your NameYour full name

Email Address: Your Juno Email address

Within the “Type Account” box below the Server Information, click POP3 and type in the following information:

Incoming Email: pop.juno.com

The Port that is Incoming:995

Outgoing Email: smtp.juno.com

Outgoing Port465

On”Login Info,” click on the “Login Info” tab, type in the following details:

Email: Your Juno Email address

Password: Your Juno Email password

Login using security

After completing the steps and configurations described above, you can click the “Test Account Settings” “Test the Account Settings” option. Once the test is complete and everything is fine, click Next and click Finish.

What are the Juno Mail Settings For Thunderbird?

Follow these easy steps to utilize Juno Email on Thunderbird. You must first set the Juno email configurations for Thunderbird start by opening an email program on your personal computer. When you are asked to enter your name, email ID, and password, fill in the information in the fields required. Enter the word you use to log in, followed by “@juno.com,” for example, paulwalter@juno.com. In the server address for the incoming section, type in “pop.juno.com” and then set the server address for outgoing as “smtp.juno.com.” For complete Juno Email settings for Thunderbird, Follow the instructions on the screen carefully and then follow the procedure in the instructed manner.

How do you set up Juno Email Server Settings For iPhone and iPad? Here’s How!

Whether you own the iPhone or iPad or an iPad, you can set what you need to do with the Juno Email server settings for iPhone or iPad by adhering to a few easy guidelines. It is essential to be sure that the set-up steps are followed correctly. A mistake in the entry for Juno Email settings iPhone and iPad could prevent users from using the platform for Email. First, you must open your Settings app on the iPhone or iPad and click on the “Add Account” tab. You followed by clicking on “Other” at the bottom of your screen. After that, follow the steps below to finish setting up your Juno Email server settings iPhone and iPad.


After selecting”Other,” after tapping on the “Other” option, then tap the “Add Account Mail “Add the Mail Account” option.

Please enter your complete name—the complete Juno email and the password.

Click Next, and then type in the following information in the “Incoming Mail Server” field:

Hostname: pop.juno.com

Email ID: Enter your complete juno.com email ID

Password: Your Juno email password


After you have completed the steps above, you can go on your “Accounts” tab, click on”Accounts,” and then click on the Juno mail account configurations. You must change the server port number to 995 and check on the SSL option. Then, click “Finish” after you have completed your Juno Email settings.

How to perform Juno Email Setting Android?

The Juno Email server settings Android is essential for the seamless functioning of the Juno email platform for any Android device, including tablets or smartphones. After the Juno email settings, Android is set, you can access all your Juno emails Juno through your Android device. It is suggested that you follow the proper procedure to avoid errors:

  1. Open the Mail application from your Android device.
  2. Tap the ‘Other’ button, then tap “More.”
  3. Click on the “New Account” option and enter your Juno Email account username (your complete Email ID).
  4. You must enter your password and then click Next.

POP Server: pop.juno.com

Port number: 995

Security Type:SSL

SMTP Server: smtp.juno.com

Port number: 465

Security Type:SSL

After you have filled in the information above, you can name your Juno account and click the Finish button.

If it’s Juno settings for the outgoing email server and settings for incoming emails and POP server settings and SMTP settings, making sure you have the correct settings are essential to ensure the efficient functioning of your Juno Email account on your device. Utilize the various methods for setting up your Juno Email account settings on multiple devices and operating systems or email clients in an exact manner, and you will be able to enjoy a smooth journey of communications via Email.