A Breakdown of Car Transport Costs in 2024

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By Marilyn Royce

Whether moving to a new home or buying a car from another state, auto transport services can make the experience so much easier. It reduces your worries by saving you time and ensuring the safety of your vehicle.
But how much does vehicle shipping cost?

In most cases, auto transport services cannot give you a clear answer. Instead, they provide you with an estimated price. If this is your first time shipping your car, understand that many factors affect the rates.

Do you want to know what influences car transport costs? Read on to get a breakdown of the rates!

Vehicle Size and Weight

The type of vehicle is the first factor that affects car transport costs. Everything comes down to the automobile’s size and weight. For example, a sedan would cost less to deliver than an SUV.

A large vehicle takes up more space and weighs more than a small unit. On average, the number of automobiles that can fit in a trailer ranges from 8 to 10.

In addition, the vehicle weight can affect the trailer’s fuel consumption. The heavier the unit it carries, the more gas it consumes. The engine exerts more work to transport the cars.

For comparison, the average transport cost for a standard sedan is around $1,600. A large SUV shipping price starts at $2,000. Remember, these rates are inclusive or exclusive of other factors.

Aside from the size and weight, determine vehicle operability. A nonrunner car takes more time and effort to move into the trailers. This can increase your auto transport cost by a hundred dollars or more.

Distance and Destination

Where do you plan to ship your vehicle? The points of origin and destination determine the distance the transporter must travel. This factor plays a crucial role in the shipping cost.

The farther you need to transport your car, the more expensive the rate will be. It stems from the fuel consumption and mileage covered. It often begins at $2.00 per mile for distances under 500 miles to $0.50 for distances over 1,500 miles.

If coming from California to Georgia, the cost of car transport interstate is about $1,030.

In line with distance is the route to take to reach the destination. Popular routes are often more affordable compared to seldom-used paths. Although less expensive, the traffic situation can affect the cost.

Delivery Preferences

Car transport services will provide you with a delivery time frame.

However, if you need the car right away, you may opt for an expedited transport service. You can guarantee that the transporter will ship the vehicle quickly with short notice. Keep in mind that with a tighter delivery time frame, expect them to charge higher than average.

An expedited service involves quick pick-up, proper planning, and fast delivery. Its difference from the regular one can start from a hundred dollars going up.

Expect to pay less for vehicle transport with a flexible schedule. Unlike the former, this gives more time for the transporter to organize the shipment. With this, they can integrate the most efficient transport practices.

Shipping Options

Another factor that can influence car transport costs is the carrier type. For shipping your car, your options are the open and enclosed shipment. What is the difference between these two?

As its name suggests, open auto transport is a shipment option leaving your car uncovered. It exposes your vehicle to the weather and road conditions. Although risky, most clients receive their car without damage or problems.

If you want extra protection for your car, choose the enclosed auto transport method. Its purpose is to keep the vehicle away from debris and other elements that can damage it. Owners shipping classical automobiles or luxury cars choose this method.

Between your options, open auto transport is less expensive by 80% than the enclosed. The transporter can fit many cars into the truck and ship them all. With this, you can share the expenses with other owners.

Take the previous example, where the vehicle comes from California to Georgia. A luxury car in an enclosed carrier can cost you $1,854, which travels the same distance.

Time of the Year

The time of year can affect the price of a vehicle delivery. Vehicle shipping season can influence things in line with the cost.

For instance, carrier availability can change depending on the time of the year. Demand for auto transport services is often higher during the summer season. Because of this, auto delivery companies experience a shortage of carriers.

Following the law of supply and demand, the shipping costs tend to be higher during this time. Moreover, fuel prices increase because of changes in demand and specifications. Thus, making car transport costs skyrocket from $100 to $800.

To avoid expensive rates, book your auto transport service in advance. It’s best if you schedule in spring or fall before the high seasons start. These are the least busy times of the year.

Additional Services

It can be difficult to avoid extra costs and services when shipping a vehicle. If you have concerns, talk about them with your transporter to devise a solution. What are some problems you can experience with shipping your car?

One of the issues applies to clients moving homes. When transporting vehicles, some put items inside their car to reduce their load to carry. However, this can affect how much they must pay for the service.

Like other vehicles, transport trucks follow a carrying capacity to ensure performance. If you’re moving houses, keep your things with you. In case of delay, you do not have to worry about items you cannot get.

Some auto transport services ask their clients for extra insurance. Its purpose is to boost the protection of vehicles. Although it can cost you more, this is a good idea considering the risks that come along the way.

Uncovering Car Transport Costs

Car transport costs are on a case-to-case basis. Rates can differ depending on the factors influencing them. As someone planning to ship their car, know what can affect your vehicle transport cost.

It includes the point of destination, vehicle model, shipping type, and more. Did you find this article helpful? Check out our other blog posts for more informative guides.