A 25-year-old Ivanovo citizen who is lagging behind in development was found in Vladimir

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Currently, Konstantin Nedelko is already at home, everything is fine with him.

As it turned out, he was just going to Moscow for a walk, and, without much hesitation, decided to put his plan into practice. Part of the way he covered on foot, part – on passing cars and public transport, while sleeping on the street. However, the young man did not get to the capital, the traveler’s strength left in Vladimir.

Then he approached the first taxi driver he came across and asked to take him home. The man noticed the oddities in the guy’s behavior (Konstantin suffers from developmental delays), and took him to the nearest supermarket, where he handed him over to the guard and reported the young man to law enforcement agencies.

The police quickly established the identity of the “lost” and contacted colleagues from the Ivanovo region, after which Konstantin was safely taken home.