7 Reasons Viewers Love Charmed

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By Henry Jackson

The Charmed series’ focus on family during the earlier seasons is what makes it popular among viewers. The show revolves around three sisters who are witches and who maintain their ties throughout the series. The Halliwell sisters assist fans in realizing that sisterly bonds can never be truly broken. Below is a list of reasons why the Charmed series is so bewitching.

1.     Sister Love

The Charmed series is about three sisters who are witches. Because of this, the three sisters’ love and relationship are the show’s heart and foundation. The foundation drives everything the sisters do but gets shaken after three seasons. Brad Kern says that the dynamics between the Charmed sisters change during the fourth season, which makes the show refreshing for viewers.

2.     Fashion

The creators of the Charmed series forge fabulous-looking characters in the show. During the second season, the three sisters shed full sleeves and normal necklines for tops and ample cleavage that holds onto them by thin straps. Backs, shoulders, breasts, and bellies are displayed significantly, and the outfit functions as their everyday wear. The three sisters manage to look stylish throughout the show due to their unique sense of fashion.

3.     Piper and Leo

The romance that shapes and defines Charmed through eight seasons is that between Piper and Leo. The love story shows the total and complete evolution of relationships from shy flirtations, children, marriage, separation, counseling, and loss of renewal. All those things that happen in a regular relationship happen between the two lovebirds. Magical issues cropped up in the course of the relationship, but the vast majority of such disputes, issues, problems, and arguments are the normal kind.

4.     Transformations

Speaking of costumes, the series turns characters into something that’s beside themselves. They are Valkyries, superheroes, and goddesses, though not in the listed order. Phoebe turns into a mermaid, a genie, and a banshee, Piper becomes a Windego, Pru transforms into a dog and a man, and Paige becomes a vampire and a nymph. These incarnations enable us to assess different sides of the characters by allowing actresses to show their range and branch out with cool costumes.

5.     Character Development

The characters at the beginning of the series are completely different from those at the beginning of season four. They have matured, changed, and developed, and the way they act, think, and walk reflects what they have been through. After a journey of eight seasons with the characters, it’s satisfying for the audience to see such changes.

6.     Girl Power

The Charmed sisters are powerful witches destined to fight the most formidable evil forces that ever existed. The sisters do so with their minds, powers, butt-load of badass, and sheer determination. The character of Phoebe studies martial arts and battles bad guys throughout the series in hand-to-hand combat, even when she loses active fighting powers.

7.     Mythology

The fun thing about the Charmed series is the mythology revolving around the show. There are numerous rules for the mythology and magic behind the creatures in the series. When a creature circles around later in the show, the established mythology is respected. All series revolving around magical creatures don’t have this kind of consistency.

The Charmed series employs storytelling techniques to capture the attention of the audience. The series appeals to grandparents, parents, and older siblings due to its fantasy nature.