7 Best Things to Know About Pest Control Services 

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Are your cats and dogs scratching uncontrollably whenever they venture outdoors? Roaches racing across the kitchen floor whenever you turn the lights on? What of ants making a small Everest in your backyard? If any of these describes you, you probably already know that you need a professional pest control service. But like any property owner in your situation, you could be wondering how to hire the best pest control company. Well, you’ve come to the right place.  

This article highlights the seven best things to know before scouting for pest control services.  

Pest Control Services Are All Around You  

There’s no shortage of pest control companies. Some of these companies operate exclusively from physical locations. Others maintain an online presence in addition to their brick-and-mortar offices. Whatever their mode of operation may be, it’s reassuring to know that there’s a pest control service nearly at every turn.  

Running a subtle online search for a relevant keyword phrase like ‘pest control service near me’ will turn up several reputable pest control companies like Pests Birds & Bugs. You can then conduct your due diligence, which mainly entails checking the company’s history and reviews before contacting them.  

For pest control services that do not maintain an online presence, the best way to find such companies would be through word-of-mouth referrals.   

Pest Control Services Deal With Different Types of Pests 

When most people think of pests, what immediately springs to mind are roaches, flies, fleas, and ants. However, there are different types of pests for which you may seek control services. They range from crawling insects like roaches to flying ones like houseflies and even creeping ones like caterpillars.  

Pests also vary in size, from tiny dog fleas to huge rodents capable of gnawing through your property’s foundation. Besides, pests may be classified depending on their natural habitats. To this respect, we have domestic pests like rats and wild ones like raccoons.  

It’s worth noting that while pest control services generally handle different kinds of pests, these companies may sometimes differ in terms of their specialization. Therefore, it’s essential to check beforehand to establish a company’s specific services before calling them. 

Pest Control Services Use a Variety of Equipment

The equipment used in eradicating pests from your property will depend primarily on the type of pest involved. For instance, larger pests like birds and raccoons are easier to control using mechanical traps. On the other hand, fleas and bedbugs would require targeted spray treatments.  

The kinds of equipment pest control companies use also depend on the infestation. A hand sprayer may be effective against roaches only concentrated in your kitchen. However, larger machinery fitted with powerful sprinklers will be necessary for eradicating aphids from your corn farm.  

Therefore, it’s best to determine the kind and nature of infestation before contacting a pest control agency. An alternative approach is having the company visit your home or office to assess the situation and then leaving it up to them to determine the best pest control method. 

Pest Control Services Use a Variety of Chemicals Too  

As we’ve already hinted, some pests may be eradicated using mechanical traps. However, most require toxic chemicals. These chemicals kill pests by penetrating their cell walls and destroying their vital organs. Some also emit poisonous gases that choke the pest to death.  

But when planning to hire a pest control service, it’s essential to ask about the safety of their chemicals. That’s especially considering the growing concerns about pesticides and human health 

Toxic chemicals may kill pests alright. But they could also endanger your life and the lives of your kids and pets.  

Pest Control Services Differ In Experience 

While scouting for the best pest control services, you’ll encounter both new and established companies. Experts recommend choosing a company with at least ten years’ experience.  

Training also impacts a company’s experience. So, establish that a pest control service works with a staff that has been duly trained in their trade.  

Last but not least, you can vouch for the experience of a pest control service by checking for reviews from some of their previous clients. 

Pest Control Services Charge Different Fees  

There are no standard pest control fees. The amount you pay depends on several factors, such as the type of pest involved, the nature of the infestation, and location.  

Fortunately, you can always call a pest control service and request an estimate. The estimate is usually free, although some companies may charge you a small fee.  

Do this to around 3 – 5 of the shortlisted companies. Then, compare and choose the most affordable service provider. 

Pest Control Services Are Not Always What They Say They Are 

Some pest control companies promise stellar services only to deliver shoddy workmanship. Others are downright crooks who’ll not hesitate to make away with your cash or jewelry.  

Cases abound of pest control companies caught in stealing valuables from their clients.  

The best way to avoid pest control scams is to work with duly licensed companies. It’s also recommended to go for a company with full general liability insurance. This protects your property from damages and theft.  


A lot goes into choosing the best pest control service. So, when you get the right company, save their contacts always to have them on speed dial when pests threaten to wreak havoc on your property.