6 Ways Microsoft Teams Makes Work Easier for Businesses

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By faiza

Businesses are always looking for ways to streamline processes, and increase productivity. How can Microsoft Teams  IT support Central London do this for the average organisation?

Over the last decade, increasing focus has been placed on the use of digital solutions to support professional workflows. This can be seen in the prevalence of cloud computing and the services that it enables (such as cloud storage, software as a service, etc.) and the way that businesses nowadays have digital solutions fully integrated into their processes. A great example of a solution that has become integral to many organizations’ work is Microsoft Teams.

We spoke with TechQuarters, a London-based managed service provider that has been partnered with Microsoft for over a decade, and therefore has been using Microsoft Teams (and provisioning customers with it) since its launch in 2017. With the company’s line of work mainly being IT support Central London businesses rely on, both TechQuarters and their clients saw a spike in demand for solutions like Teams when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and since then, it has played a major role in shaping modern working.

What does Microsoft Teams do for Businesses?

Microsoft Teams is described by Microsoft as a collaboration platform, but many businesses think of it as a communications platform – in fact, it is both of those things, as they form the foundations of everything you can do in the app.


Many businesses’ main introduction to Microsoft Teams was as a solution that helped them work remotely during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a unified chat, videoconferencing, and telephony solution, it streamlines virtual communications for professional users. With an add-on license, Microsoft Teams also serves as a full VoIP system.


With diverse integrations with both Microsoft apps and third-party apps, Teams is a perfect platform for teams and individuals to collaborate with one another. For instance, TechQuarters – who also provides IT support for Architecture firms – described how Teams can be integrated with specialist software (such as the kind used by architects and other types of designers). In this way, Teams can be used as a hub for work and collaboration, because it brings communication and works into a single space.

Elements of Teams and Their Benefits

Microsoft Teams is composed of several different functions and capabilities, all of which are dedicated to making businesses’ work easier. Let’s look at some of these different capabilities…