6 Reasons to Own a Multiple Monitors Setup as a Trader

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It is highly recommended for professional traders to have a more expansive 6 monitor setup. In this highly dynamic profession, you have to monitor so many details. Working with too few screens will result in more pressure. You can commit mistakes as you minimize different windows. Most importantly, you can miss out on time-sensitive opportunities. 

As a trader, it is your job to grow the funds’ people entrusted you with. You can only do so effectively with the right gadgets at your disposal. Having access to many screens means the ability to see things at once, make calculated decisions, place orders, and earn more profits. Check out 6 reasons to own a multiple monitor setup as a trader. 

Make Your Life a Lot More Easy

The concept of “the more, the merrier” applies to trading monitors. Why? Having more screens will make your life easy. Each screen provides a specific function that allows you to perform your job exceptionally well. Besides, you can set up the screens in the resolutions and angles that best fit your unique needs. 

Apart from looking impressive to clients, having access to more monitors assure you deal with less eye strain. Imagine having to painstakingly check tiny screens and click different tabs. That task is indeed very stressful. With more screens, you can enjoy a wider field of vision. Thus, you can track more details with ease. For example, you can take a look at these simultaneously:

  • Different market charts
  • Various indexes
  • A medley of graphs with various time frames
  • Order flows
  • Technical charts

Help Your Monitor Various Time Frames Concurrently

A 6 monitor setup allows you to watch several time frames simultaneously. Any expert trader will tell you this matters because it provides a bigger picture. Typically, you need to watch three types of time frames:

  • Normal for establishing trade setups
  • Lower for searching good entry-level numbers
  • Bigger for spotting support and resistance levels or trends

With the right information, you can make more educated decisions that you won’t regret. You have everything you need on screens laid out before you. As such, the probabilities of making correct estimates increase. This matters when you are a trader because every decision you make has a corresponding money value. 




Enable You to Examine Diverse Markets Seamlessly

When you’re trading, it is advisable to monitor different markets. Doing so provides a clear indicator of market movement. Usually, markets will correlate with each other. Thus, staying on top of the movement will help you make better decisions regarding the market you are monitoring. 

Remember, a change in one market can translate to a change in the one where you’re invested in. This corollary relationship can either be negative or positive. Knowing this can help you assess if it is the right time to buy, hold, or sell. 

On top of that, you may get encouraged to trade in different markets as well. This is a good way to diversify your portfolio and take advantage of opportunities for growth in other parts of the world. Tracking all the charts with your 6 monitor setup assures that you can spot room for growth and invest valuable assets timely. In trading, immediate action is critical because time equals money.  

Feel More Assured About Your Decisions With a 6 Monitor Setup

When you see a 6 monitor setup, you can confidently place multiple orders in a day. This confidence stems from access to the correct information. Seeing all the data you need at a glance makes you feel more secure when placing funds in certain assets. Besides, the same information provides you with the best exit points for each trade. After all, you cannot afford any delays because of frozen screens or lagging tabs. 

Hence, being able to monitor the performance of the stocks or funds you’ve invested assures peace of mind. Working with very few screens won’t work well because of the delay. In trading, you must keep up with the fast pace and work in real-time. You don’t want to miss a perfect exit point, resulting in lost money. With many screens to track progress, you always have access to crucial and time-sensitive market information.


Ascertain You Won’t Get Confused Multitasking 

Being a trader means you must work well in a high-pressure environment that’s always moving and dynamic. You monitor so many details and check the news. You watch out for stocks, currencies, futures, options, etc in varying timeframes to boot. If you have too few screens, you will have to constantly switch between windows. Sadly, this can be confusing and time-consuming to perform. 

When you’re dealing with probabilities and possibilities, timing is of the essence. Therefore, a 6 monitor setup ascertains that you don’t have to make confusing switches. You can say goodbye to the minimize button. As a result, you can time your entries and exit well to earn the most bang for your buck. 

Working with multiple screens proves to be more beneficial, especially for a profession like trading. It prevents you from making mistakes or from feeling frazzled. With multiple monitors, you can enjoy more accuracy. You can literally sit back in your chair and relax as you track all the data you need on one desk. How convenient is that?

Assure You Enjoy Superior Performance with Better Bottom Line

Since you no longer have to scramble around switching different tabs in windows with 6 monitors, you can perform better. When you stare at all the data you need, you boost your productivity. If you use a single monitor, just imagine how tedious everything will be. You may even be forced to work with your mobile phone or tablet to monitor certain details. The tiny graphs and fonts will give you eye strain and force you to exert more effort. 

In contrast, multiple monitors help you become a more efficient trader. Since everything is right there at your disposal, you can readily input your figures and make the correct entries. When you can accomplish what you need more swiftly, you have more opportunities to earn. More screens save you time, energy, and money. It is indeed a worthwhile investment that would pay for itself in the future.